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Businesses in Lichfield and Burntwood are being invited to an event to help them prepare for Brexit.

The session is being held at Lichfield District Council House on 19th September.

The day-long Brexit Training for Your Business workshop will cover topics including duties and tariffs, customs procedures, export documentation and economic operator registration.

Councillor Iain Eadie, Cabinet member for investment, economic growth and tourism, said: “It is vital that businesses prepare for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, and this workshop is designed to give an overview of trading across borders, in case a deal cannot be reached.

“It is pragmatic to prepare for all eventualities, and I encourage local businesses to book onto this workshop.”

Places are free but need to be booked by calling 01782 202 222 or visiting


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6 replies on “Workshop to help businesses in Lichfield and Burntwood prepare for Brexit”

  1. Local government resources and the time of businesses is being wasted on something that Johnson says has only one chance in a million of happening?

    OK. Let’s assume Johnson’s “one in a million” is just another of his lies and there is a realistic chance of a no-deal Brexit.

    Nobody voted for a no-deal Brexit.

    Do a Google Trends search on “no deal”. You’ll see nobody was talking about “no-deal” until a year after the referendum.

    The 2016 referendum result is past its use-by date. It is essential that any Brexit, including no-deal, is put to another vote.


  2. Do they give out tins of food so that we can eat? That might be a bit more important being as the government’s own impact assessment says that there’ll be food shortages and panic buying?

  3. It intrigues me why so many seem to have blind faith in countries they have no knowledge or experience of. Twenty eight countries without a common language, different religions (or variations of), political systems at variance to our own, cultures that are not as egalitarian or gender accepting as here. Does anyone know a shop where I can buy anything emanating from most of them? True a trade agreement would be mutually beneficial, and agreements on sharing criminal information together with shared scientific research in specific fields would be desirable. Any mature administration should be able to negotiate this without giving up its autonomy. For most the only convenience is slightly shorter waiting times at customs if going on holiday. The overriding consideration seems to be business. Most contributors knowledge comes from totally unreliable newspaper reports. The impartiality (ie lack of) of their proprietors is legendary. The Guardian is little more than a comic! A simple example that annoyed me this week was the Welsh farmers who sell 90% of their lamb to the EU. They bemoan the potential loss of trade. Go to any butcher and observe the price of lamb! Perhaps they could sell more here at reasonable prices, and reduce their transport costs. Many think there is an agenda from right wing activists. In politics there are always factions at both ends of the spectrum that have to be resisted. It is my belief that if we do not free ouselves from the EU now our future will be put into the hands of those we can’t converse with and of whom we know very little. It is an act of faith the remainers would accept without any real understanding, and it would probably be forever.

  4. This is too little too late – it’s taken a vast team in the multi million pound business I work for over 6 months to apply for the economic operator registration and it’s still not guaranteed. Good luck to all the small businesses out there with less than 3 months to go!

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