The 'temporary' health centre in Burntwood

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A temporary Burntwood health clinic could be in place for another five years, it has emerged.

Planning permission has been sought to retain the facility at Burntwood Leisure Centre.

The ‘temporary’ health centre in Burntwood

If it is granted, the health centre would remain open until 2023 – 11 years longer than originally planned.

A statement supporting the application revealed that the failure for a replacement facility to be built means the lifespan of the temporary building needs to be extended.

“Before the previous permission [was granted] in 2014, the former Primary Care Trust (PCT), in consultation with a range of stakeholders, investigated various options for improved primary health provision in Burntwood,” the statement said.

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“While outline permission was granted in 2006 for a new health centre on land off Cannock Road, Chase Terrace, the PCT were uncertain whether this would fulfil the heath needs of Burntwood and pending a final decision on the number and location of new health facilities, they obtained planning permission for three years for the current temporary walk in health clinic at Burntwood Leisure Centre site.

“It was envisaged that the health centre services located in the temporary building would transfer to a permanent building around 2012. The building would then be removed from the site.

“The temporary building was subsequently installed and has been in use since that permission and a further temporary permission granted in 2011.

“Although planning permission was granted for a permanent health centre close to the existing temporary facility, that was not built.”

“A permanent location continues to be a priority”

The statement added that there was still hope a long-term location could be secured.

“The plans did not come to fruition and work on the identification of a new permanent location continues to be a priority,” it continued.

“This application is necessary to support the continued delivery of all health services and the temporary use of the facility is an important step in securing a permanent location for the services provided here.”

Full details can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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3 replies on “Temporary Burntwood health centre could remain in place for another five years”

  1. “A permanent location continues to be a priority”

    Yeah. Like how the potholes around Swan Island are a “priority”.

    Do they have a different meaning attached to the word “priority”?

    By the looks of those ram-shackle buildings, they’ll have probably collapsed or rotted completely in 5 years anyway.

  2. I have been pursuing the future of Burntwood Health and Wellbeing Centre ever since the public consultation agreed to two (at least) new Health Centres in the town before the Coalition Government stopped the funding.

    I have also asked Freedom of Information requests to the NHS to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) responsible to discover what lobbying, action or even correspondence the MP has done on behalf of Burntwood and Hammerwich residents. Nothing has been the answer each time since 2014!

    I have also been in contact with LDC over any planning application to renew the, “temporary”, buildings of the original Walk-In Centre as I knew that the current Planning Permission ran out on the 30th of September. I contacted the CCG itself in July to see what was happening and I am sure it is a coincidence that they have applied to keep them going for a few more years.

    The then Primary Care Trust (PCT) received more than £6.7m for the Lichfield City’s Victoria Hospital, £4.3m for Burntwood’s Hammerwich Hospital, and £3.5m for land remaining at the former St Michael’s Hospital when they closed, and we were promised two new Health Centres. After 19 years and false promises by local Conservatives planning permission for the development at Greenwood House is now being considered but still nothing – permanent for Burntwood.

    Of course, with promised millions of pounds – sorry billions of pounds soon to come to the NHS Mr Fabricant can surely tell us when we will get the facilities cancelled under the coalition.

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