Doug Hyde
Doug Hyde

Artist Doug Hyde will be unveiling new work at a gallery in Lichfield.

Doug Hyde

Signed limited editions and sculptures will also be on show when his new collection ‘Summer of Love’ comes to the Whitewall Galleries on 17th August.

Since winning the Fine Art Trade Guild’s Artist of the Year award in 2004 Doug has featured on national and international television, with celebrity collectors such as actor Emily Blunt, international golfer Rory Mcllroy and football manager Roy Hodgson buying up his work.

Love Overload by Doug Hyde

His latest collection includes everything from cyclists to sun worshippers and beaches to board games.

“I genuinely love what I do and I realise how lucky I am every day to get such enjoyment from my work,” Doug said.

“But it is when an artwork I have created for a personal reason has meaning and impact for a complete stranger that I enjoy it the most.

“I know collectors often respond with smiles and laughter, sometimes tears, sometimes even both, and it touches me that something I created for my own personal pleasure or to express a particular emotion has been able to connect with other people and give them that same feeling.”

Doug will be at the Whitewall Gallery from 11am to 1pm on 17th August. His Summer of Love pieces range in price from £750 to £19,950 for original works and £275 to £1,950 for limited editions.

Helen Swaby, from Whitewall Galleries, said: “Doug is one of those rare artists whose work truly connects with his collectors on a highly personal level.

“His work is heartwarming, fun and touching – as well as being technically highly complex in the way he creates it.

“That’s what makes him such a successful artist and keeps his loyal following of art lovers coming back time and again.”


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