The West Coast Main Line at Lichfield Trent Valley station

A councillor has welcomed a new train operator’s plan to add more services to the West Coast Main Line.

The West Coast Main Line at Lichfield Trent Valley station

First Trenitalia will replace Virgin Trains on the route which links Lichfield Trent Valley to London and the north.

The new franchise will begin to be introduced on routes in December with a contract running until 2026.

The new operator said it would refurbish Pendolino trains and offer more reliable free Wi-Fi and more catering options, as well as saying it will introduce more capacity by 2022.

Cllr Mark Winnington, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet member for economic growth and chair of the West Midlands Rail Executive, said: “I welcome the commitment to add more trains and more services on the West Coast Main Line, as well as the promise to upgrade existing rolling stock.

“Good physical and electronic infrastructure are at the heart of Staffordshire’s economic success and investment that improves our links to London, the rest of the country and international airports is to be welcomed.

“I am arranging a meeting with First Trenitalia to discuss Staffordshire’s priorities and how we will be monitoring the delivery of services now and when HS2 is running.”

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  1. Much of British industry is owned and run by foreign finance. Even home owned companies have their products manufactured abroad. The government even subsidises and give preferential grants to foreign companies to come here. There is no guarantee of regular employment for most British workers. Industry is now a form of global capitalism. Vast profits are made but by clever tax evasion and top line skimming only few see the benefits. Having control of the finance and means of production is a cynical way of controlling the masses. No Im not a communist, just lamenting the loss of the many household British companies of which I was once proud. Let’s see how long the Italians last on this critical service.

  2. at least we understand that staffs county council have some interest in public transport -but realy prefer sound bites-
    ps does anyone want buy arriva

  3. Public ownership of the means of production is of course an old Labour policy, removed by Thatcher’s heir Blair. As is public ownership of utilities, transport infrastructure, prisons, schools etc, policies even some Tories believe in (but not Swinson).

  4. Wrestling control from the aristocracy and privileged (some by patronage going back to William the conqueror) has been a long and torturous process John Griffin. It is as yet incomplete and only in 1918 was universal suffrage finally achieved. Our political system is still marred by class distinction and vested interests. It took the Labour party to at least make inroads into the dire circumstances of the masses (working or otherwise). It seems to me that now the population has the means of control it has not got a clue how to use it to best advantage. Our local MP is a prime example (as is the LDC) of ineffectual administration that still gets elected regardless. The complacency in our local institution is born from the knowledge that they might be challenged but wont be replaced.

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