Michael Fabricant MP
Michael Fabricant

The American ambassador could make a trip to Lichfield after accepting an invitation from the city’s MP.

Michael Fabricant made the offer to Woody Johnson in an article in the Telegraph.

Michael Fabricant

And now the US ambassador has said in Twitter he would welcome the visit, together with a chance to stop off and pay his respects at the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas.

Mr Fabricant said: “There are powerful bonds of history, a common language and culture as well as a legal system born from the same heritage that bind the United Kingdom and the United States together. 

“I hope a date can soon be found when His Excellency the ambassador can visit Lichfield and the National Memorial Arboretum. 

“He is an enthusiastic supporter of all things British.

“As the UK leaves the European Union, it is important that we strengthen existing ties with the United States and the Commonwealth.

“These are exciting times for the future of our nation.”


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11 replies on “US ambassador accepts invitation to visit city from Lichfield MP”

  1. Mr Fabricant is trying to mislead people into believing that there is something exciting about Brexit. The reality is the exact opposite. Is it exciting for the 251000+ who have already lost their jobs? And the businesses under threat due to No Deal or any Brexit? A US trade deal can’t make up for the loss of UK losing its biggest trading partner – 27 countries. Brexit backer Fabricant is pretending that there is something exciting about Brexit. The reality is that we are already in a recession. The Tory government has now sold off British Steel to Turkish pensions! How exciting is that? The £ is tumbling. UK citizens living in EU 27 countries are in limbo. Many of the 3 million EU citizens who were promised that nothing would change with settled status ere lied to. The NHS is crumbling. Medicines are already in short supply. A No Deal Brexit is hard to countenance. The UK has not prepared for it. We can’t afford the border staff, and we certainly cannot risk a hard border in Ireland. There is no solution to the border problem other than unification of Ireland. Or remaining in the EU. Why didn’t the Brexiters have a plan before the Referendum? Why did the government not have a plan? Why does it still not have a plan? How are we still governed by exploiters who don’t give a toss about people? Oh yes, very exciting all this isn’t it!

  2. This is the same Woody Johnson, previously a businessman with no political experience before he was appointed, who said in the Channel 4 documentary that Britain was being “defeatist” about Brexit.

    Fabricant and his Tory Brexiteer friends have nothing to counter the fears of Brexit other than populist pap like this.

    Oh and Johnson was before Congress not long ago being questioned about tax avoidance schemes, I wonder why he supports Johnson’s attempt to avoid the EU Tax Avoidance Directive by forcing the UK out of the EU?

  3. So will you be showing him the beggars outside McDonalds, the homeless sleeping in shop doorways around the city, the food banks, the old local businesses like Loafers that have closed, the rubble opposite city station that used to house a successful business, friary Grange Leisure Centre (while it’s still there) the GP surgeries where you can’t get appointments, the pharmacists that can’t get the medication we’ve been prescribed or the hospital that shuts over night ? No, Michael, stay in Lichfield more and take a look around and see the Lichfield that the people who live here are seeing

  4. OK, perhaps not yet but clearly it’s on the way if Brexit especially No Deal goes ahead. “Britain’s economy contracted in the second quarter of the year and would enter a recession if it shrinks again in the July-September period.”

    UK retail sales collapse at fastest pace since 2008 – CBI This is what Reuters currently saying. Also the value of £ is an indicator. Very recent news also that over 200 UK based businesses are in discussion to move to the Netherlands. It’s as if the Brexiter MPs never even considered that leaving the EU – world’s largest trading bloc puts UK in direct competition with EU27. We have already lost over 250000 jobs. Investment in UK is all but stagnant. A recession is technically when a country has 2 quarters of negative growth. But the government and the media is oddly quiet about the dire consequences already seen before Brexit even happens. And what on earth is going to happen to UK manufacturing as a result of this idiotic Brexit? Outside of the Single Market & Customs Union UK can’t prosper. Anyone now who supports Brexit is surely deluded – or an exploiter. Dishonest politicians got us into this mess and they aren’t willing to accept the blame.

  5. Christine, you will discover that Rob has nothing to offer than “oh look, here’s an article about a country which may go some way to proving my point,” it’s naff whataboutery and you are right – most economists are now saying a recession is inevitable, whether we leave or stay, due to the lost business and the £66bn Brexit has cost us so far.

    The pound has now dropped to a 28 month low, after its short recovery when May returned with a deal which Brexiters voted down. Another things Brexiters are trying to change – the backstop, something they put into the agreement to get Brexit through, yes this is the insanity of Brexit, a primary piece of the Brexit deal, put in by the UK to stop a hard border on the border of Ireland, is now being used to try and accuse the EU of thwarting Brexit!

    Preparations for Brexit are set to top £900m by the 31st October.

    We’re the 3rd slowest growing economy.

    Brexit is an unmitigated, pointless act of self-harm, promoted by the corrupt, supported by the deluded.

  6. Oh for heavens sake – what is this cretin of an MP doing now?!? Honestly, we ONLY EVER hear about this moron when he’s trying to bolster his own ego and profile. Please don’t fall for the “this is for Lichfield” cr@p – this is purely about raising the profile of our glorious MP. The same MP who calls young female voters “twats”. The same MP who threatened to punch a female journalist in the throat. The same MP who retweeted racist tweets. The same MP who voted in favour of fox hunting. The same MP who voted in favour of welfare cuts while simultaneously accepting several pay rises for himself. The same MP who voted in favour of the Iraq War. I could go on…..

    The man is an embarrassment to Lichfield.

  7. Well said Irene, the man is a complete t@@t can’t believe people vote for him. Hope he’s paying for the extra security and not the tax payer ?

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