A climate change protest
A climate change protest

Hundreds of schoolchildren will join together at Lichfield Cathedral to call for climate justice as part of a global day of action.

A climate change protest

Churches across the Diocese of Lichfield are encouraging schools to join the initiative on 20th September.

From 20th to 27th September there will be a global week of action to coincide with the UN Climate Summit.

At 1.45pm at Lichfield Cathedral hundreds of children and staff from local primary schools will take part in a short service, where they will voice their concerns about climate breakdown and plant wooden lollipop sticks with green pledges on them outside the building.

The Bishop of Wolverhampton, the Right Revd Clive Gregory, Lichfield Diocese’s lead on environmental matters, said: “As we follow Jesus, we are called to love the whole world and our neighbour, including the world’s poorest people who are most affected by climate breakdown.

“Care of creation should be at the centre of the church’s mission – not the margins.

“Young people are leading the way and as a church we stand in solidarity with them, working for justice as people of hope.

“We want churches, schools and others in our diocese to campaign for the big system changes urgently needed, including an end to the age of fossil fuels and climate justice for all.

“We are calling people to action and to prayer. This is the biggest challenge we face. But together we can restore God’s Earth.

“It’s not too late – and we can all make a difference in big and small ways.”

“Irreparable damage to this planet”

Lichfield Cathedral’s Canon Precentor, the Revd Canon Andrew Stead, said: “Our planet and the life it sustains is a gift of God and an expression of his love.

“As with any gift it needs to be treasured and valued for not only what it is but also in respect of the giver.

“As a human race we have not treated this gift well and have done irreparable damage to this planet as well as placing our own continued existence as a species in question too. 

“This day is an opportunity to make lament for our planet and recognise our negative impact upon it, as well as providing opportunity to make changes to the way in which we move forward. 

“This day of action is a call to account by our children and young people.”

More details about the initiative are available online.


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