Michael Fabricant with members of the Citizens Advice team

Lichfield’s MP has visited a city service offering support for local residents.

Michael Fabricant with members of the Citizens Advice team

Michael Fabricant went to the Citizens Advice centre at Levetts’ Field to see their newly-refurbished offices.

The Conservative MP said: “Citizens Advice provide help for thousands of local people each year.

“This includes on how to handle debt, how to claim benefits, and even how to sort out financial issues following divorce or separation. 

“Their advice is free, impartial and confidential and provides an invaluable service to my constituents.  The skillset of the advisors is enormous – getting your head round all the different government benefit schemes is no mean feat, so the advisors have my admiration.

“I was very grateful to the team who showed me around the centre in Lichfield and who explained their work to me.”

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7 replies on “Lichfield MP visits Citizens Advice to see newly-refurbished offices”

  1. You mean the Citizens Advice that was constantly hit by cuts then given a government contract with ‘don’t criticise’ clauses? Citizens Advice for those impoverished by Fabbo’s chums policies?

  2. Had occasion to use this service over 10 years ago and still the opening hours have not improved. Why bother refurbishing it just pitch a tent in beacon park.

  3. Best advice they could give the citizens of Lichfield is to remove Michael Fabricant from office ,most of the problems they face are due to his incompetent party

  4. Can he come and have a photo opportunity at long-unused Greenwood House in Burntwood ? It’s now brimming with gypsies who’s pulled down fencing and broken into the property. He could come and shake their hand?

  5. I witnessed 3 of the Gypsies community driving over the speed humps like bats out of Hell to get to there new hopefully short term spot at Greenwood house, leaving there stinking rubbish behind for someone to clean up.
    Didn’t someone say the new doctors was going there ?!!

  6. I have used the CAB on a couple of occasions. Once, when our fantastic MP told me there was nothing he could do to help me. They solved the problem quickly.

    They have such lovely and knowledgable people working for them.

    This is a resource that needs more funding and support.

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