Some of the sports pitches at the former Joint Defence Medical Services site in Whittington

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Councillors are set to decide on whether to allow an extension to a military training facility in Lichfield after objections were raised by a national sports organisation.

The Joint Medical Defence Command is hoping to build a new office building and a 230-space car parking area at the Whittington Barracks site.

Some of the sports pitches at the Whittington Barracks site

But objections have been raised by Sport England over the potential loss of a playing field area as part of the development.

Although the planning application suggests a new football pitch will be created, concerns have still been made by the national sporting body.

Rajvir Bahey, Sport England’s planning manager, said: “The location of the playing pitch is on land that already forms part of the playing field area, therefore no new area of playing field will be gained to replace that proposed to be lost as part of this proposal.

“Consideration should be had to how users of the grass playing field will access pitches with no direct route being present following the introduction of the proposed car park.”

But a local authority officer’s report to Lichfield District Council’s planning committee meeting on Monday (30th September) suggests the proposals should be “considered to be acceptable”.


The report said: “The loss of a playing field is regrettable. However, it is proposed to reorganise the existing layout of pitches to accommodate the proposed car parking.

“The overall provision of pitches would be retained in terms of quantum and quality.

“The site is privately owned and while the community is able to book the pitches, this is at the discretion of the Ministry of Defence.

“It is considered that the overall sports provision of the site would remain acceptable.”

Full details of the proposal are available on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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One reply on “Councillors to make decision on new Whittington Barracks office building after Sport England objects over loss of playing field”

  1. Not a surprise that Lichfield planners ignore the advice of sport England so more green space can be lost.

    They ignored sport England advice and allowed the conversion of the tennis courts on Birmingham road to a car park.

    They allowed the building of a ‘temporary’ car park by the college on green fields which is there 15 years later.

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