Labour representatives during the street surgery

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Safety on roads around Lichfield were the key talking point when Curborough councillors held their latest street surgery event.

Labour representatives during the street surgery

Labour representatives Dave Robertson, Colin Ball and Matthew Field were joined by local activists for the session last weekend.

They travelled to the new Saxon Gate housing development to discuss issues of concern for local residents.

“It was great to hear feedback from the people we spoke to about their local area,” Cllr Robertson said. “However, it was concerning to hear so many concerns around safety on our roads.

“Residents spoke to our team about issues ranging from speed limits to pathways and pedestrian crossings.

“Colin and I will be raising these issues with the county councillor Natasha Pullen and working to find a way for residents to voice their concerns directly with the county council, so that a remedy can be put in place as soon as possible.”

Cllr Ball said the events were proving an effective way to find out about local issues of concern.

“I’m pleased with the way that the monthly advice surgeries and regular street surgeries have gone,” he explained. “They are a wonderful chance to meet and listen to local residents, so that we can try to help them with any issues that they have.”

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7 replies on “Road safety the key issue as councillors hold street surgery event in Lichfield”

  1. Probably not in their constituency but have they seen the number of cars that for months now are parking on the road/mounted on the pavement outside the Samuel Johnson hospital and probably unlawfully close to the traffic light junction into the hospital. If ever there was a case for double yellow lines this has surely got to be one.

  2. Hi Ann, you are correct that Trent Valley Road forms part of Stowe Ward. It is the County Council who have responsibility for highways and the road forms the boundary between two County Council Divisions. If you wanted to raise the issue directly with them, they are Natasha Pullen and Janet Eagland and you can find contact details via the Staffs COunty Council website

  3. Well Cllr., I’m sure you must be aware of the issue so may l politely ask that you raise the issue with them as you may have a bit more clout than me.

  4. Sorry pressed post before finishing.
    The article starts by stating you et. al. are concerned about ‘Safety on roads around Lichfield’

  5. Hi again Ann, I have been in contact with the County Council member about the issues raised above as road safety is something which we need to be keenly aware of, and I am eager to see remedies put in place as soon as is practicable.

    However, as the issue on Trent Valley Road doesn’t relate to my ward it would inappropriate for me to raise this as a District Councillor, as I have no mandate to represent residents of Stowe.

    I apologise if this sounds bureaucratic but it is important that any representations I make as a Councillor relate to the area I am responsible for. I will pass on your concern to the 3 District Councillors for Stowe Ward and I will raise them with the County Councillors as a concerned resident of North Lichfield, but it would be an abuse of power to do so in another capacity.

  6. The town centre is crazy – are any cars allowed to travel through? It is not pedestrian friendly and the corner by McKenzie’s /Boots is horrendous and disabled badge holders are the worst culprits for causing obstructions. You have to have your wits about you all over town.

  7. We need help in Chorley Village a big problem with speeding motorists reaching high levels of 50-60 and more we need a 30 mph limit before someone gets killed . Please help

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