The area’s MP has urged businesses in Lichfield and Burntwood to make sure they’re ready for Brexit.

The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union at the end of this month.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant says it is important that companies have preparations in place.

Michael Fabricant

“As Brexit approaches, it is important that local companies which trade with the European Union – either as importers or exporters – are ready for it,” Mr Fabricant said.

“Most companies will not be affected directly, but those that do should visit the Government Brexit website.

“This contains a huge amount of valuable information which local firms can use. 

“Whether or not you think your firm might be affected, the website is well worth a visit.

“Brexit will create opportunities for firms which are not currently available as members of the EU and it is worth every firm exploring these.”

Founder of LichfieldLive and editor of the site.

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  1. If your business gets into problems because of Brexit, don’t go to Mr Fabricant for help.

    This is what he thinks: “Mark my words: Every second rate Chief Executive will blame their failure on #Brexit.”

  2. Be a lot easier for local businesses trading with the EU if we stayed in it. Mr Fabricant what do you know about importing goods from the EU please enlighten me. Thank good I have retired and shut my business down so will not have to cope with the mess you lot have created

  3. He actually tweeted about MPs going to Brussels to ‘stop a no deal Brexit,’ it’s amazing how disingenuous the Tories have become. In 2016, no deal wasn’t even a consideration, now we have accusations that no-deal is being thwarted, extraordinary.

    Mr Fabricant, for your information, the Benn Act thwarts a no-deal Brexit, thought you should know.

  4. One of the arguments is ‘that if you are not going to obey an all party promise to implement a national ballot then why should you obey any laws associated with it?’ This is the sort of situation you get into when you compromise our democracy. The remainers are solely responsible for the breakdown of our once renowned system of government. The consequences will be very far reaching indeed. All arguments are spurious if the tenets surrounding them are not supported by a trusted voting system. If in fourteen days we leave the EU I will not feel triumphant. Much could have been done to prevent that outcome before the referendum. Once the decision is given to the people then, even if the majority is only one, it must be implemented. Name any other situation when that has not applied. There is plenty of scope within our party system for manifestos to offer different choices in the future. That is the democratic way forward.

  5. It is incredible how we are asked to be ready for something that even they (the Government) are unable to describe. There is little detail on how things will be affected, and a few minutes on their website just leads to more frustration and confusion. The website is useless, the government is useless and, more than both the above, this man (Fabricant) is useless… How on earth does a city as smart as Lichfield keep voting for him is simply beyond me.

  6. Well Philip, you’ve touted some nonsense in the past, but I think you’ve achieved new heights.

    Given your interpretation, if a manifesto promise to reduce income tax doesn’t come to fruition, I shall be able to simply withhold the portion that they failed to deliver, screw the law?

    The only thing that has failed Brexit is the lies, people who voted remain were more likely to read about the issues, complications and intricacies of leaving the EU, which brings us to your third, virtual paragraph, poor legislation is poor legislation, doesn’t matter how your paint it, it’s crap.

    You want an example of where a single person has been overruled? Indefinite sentencing, and that’s a minister, given that Brexit fails almost every democratic test in similar court challenges, one may ask why you would be for it? Looking at your recently removed profile picture my guess would be because Brexit isn’t going to affect you for very long.

  7. I don’t know what planet you are on Phillip Also, but if you buy a jumper being told it is large, and you find it is small when you open the box, you try to change it or ask for your money back. Not rocket science is it?…

  8. @ John Griffin… Your analogy is a perfect example of our EU membership. It hasn’t turned out the way we were led to believe it would. Hence our decision to leave. Hopefully we will still support the European space project though.
    Darryl, if I have achieved a new high then surely your contribution is a new low. To present yourself as some sort of intelectual elitist is frankly embarrassing. So I am to understand that remainers have a monopoly of intelligence. I don’t think so. I rather suspect that you do not understand democracy, or worse do not respect it. Incidentally I have not altered my profile. For the common good and the long term future we will be better off governing ourselves. You obviously think differently and that is your prerogative. But nothing else !

  9. I’d rather be governed from Brussels than by callous, lazy donkeys like Fabricant. “For the common good and the long-term future” – whose good and whose future? The UK will break up, the NHS will be sold off and people will be told there’s no money left, go work in the Amazon warehouse until you drop dead or are replaced by a robot. Britain deserves better than this rubbish.

  10. Current status –

    – We have 73 MEP’s in the European Parliament. We have a say in every single decision made. – We have access to over 36 trade agreements with non-EU countries
    – Ability to work and retire in any EU member state

    After Brexit –

    – No say in Europe
    – Trade agreements with the Faroe Island, Liechtenstein, South Korea and about 10 others
    – Years of trade negotiations with other countries.
    – No agreement with European countries on trade
    – Reduced opportunities across the EU

  11. “Quick! There’s a fire! Get some water!”

    (3 hours later)

    “Sorry, I had to go to the river, I’ve got the water now”

    “Damn, we found out while you were gone that this is an oil-based fire and water will probably make things worse”

    “Tough. Let’s just chuck it on. Get this thing done. Move on.”

    #Brexit in a nuttshell

  12. Philip Also. It is not the membership of the biggest trading bloc that is an issue for me, nor the neoliberal economics, but what Brexit itself has become – a Trojan Horse to impoverish the populace and create a low wage sell off economy to enrich Johnson’s backers. Persist as you will with whataboutery but this is the real issue.

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