Michael Fabricant

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The MP for Lichfield and Burntwood has hailed the efforts of Boris Johnson as the Prime Minister looks to get his Brexit deal through Parliament.

Michael Fabricant

Negotiations have seen a new agreement thrashed out, with MPs set to decide whether to back the deal in a sitting of the House of Commons over the weekend.

Michael Fabricant, Conservative MP for the Lichfield constituency, said the work to agree a new deal with EU counterparts had been “an incredible achievement”.

“Now that the back stop has been scrapped which would have kept the UK in the EU indefinitely for as long as the EU wanted, I can enthusiastically support Boris’ new deal,” he said.

“This negotiation has been an incredible achievement. Boris has been PM for less than 90 days and he has achieved what the EU said they would never allow.

“Instead, both the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration have now been changed and the backstop deleted. It means we will leave the EU entirely.

“Northern Ireland will remain fully in the UK Customs teriitory and the entire UK will leave the Customs Union and Single Market.

“I am already hearing talk of how we will scrap VAT rates on domestic fuel and women’s sanitary towels once we have left.  We are currently not allowed to reduce any VAT rates while we remain in the EU.

“With the EU saying that they will not grant an extension even if Parliament – made up of a majority of MPs who never wanted to honour the referendum – forces Boris to write a letter requesting to remain after October 31st, the choice seems clear.  We will either leave the EU on October 31st with this deal or none at all.

“Putting it bluntly, Boris and his team have pulled a blinder. “

Mr Fabricant added that Brexit would create fresh opportunities for the country.

“Ours will be a sovereign nation again and our prosperity will not be limited by a Europe in decline as it is at present,” he said. “We will be a global trading nation as we always were.”


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

5 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood MP hails “incredible achievement” by Boris Johnson on new Brexit deal”

  1. The man is an absolute moron when push comes to shove I hope he pays the bill. He is no friend of the ordinary man but i forget the average Lichfield voter is a sheep

  2. And this man represents us?

    A customs border in the Irish Sea was the EU’s preferred option over a year ago . . .


    but was turned down by the UK with your beloved leader telling the DUP that “no British government could or should” sign up to putting a border in the Irish Sea between mainland United Kingdom and Northern Ireland . . .


    Our MP then tells us that “We are currently not allowed to reduce any VAT rates while we remain in the EU.” Well perhaps he should look at his government’s briefing of 2011 on Women’s sanitary products . . .


    To say that the PM has “pulled a blinder” is frankly beneath contempt.

    There will be fresh opportunities, that much is true. And we need to be sharp to cash in on any of them, in our race to the bottom.

    We always had sovereignty. We never lost it.

    Lies just keep coming, with hats and coats on.

  3. Lost for words, the deal is the same as May’s, which this buffoon voted against 3 times, the only change refers to 6 paragraphs which change the “backstop” to a “frontstop,” i.e. it exists between the UK and Northern Ireland & Ireland, something which Johnson absolutely refused to do when it didn’t matter if he needed to stay PM.

    Do these MPs think the internet doesn’t exist and people read?

  4. The Guardian has an excellent analysis of how this is overwhelmingly May‘s agreement apart from the parts where Johnson breaks his previous promises and pledges. Fabricant has lost it. Too many Belgian beers in Beerbohm? Time for a new MP.

  5. I see Michael has his nose firmly pressed up against another PMs rectum
    The deal if anything is worse than the one presented by May ,never mind the backstop the rest of it’s appauling
    Time for another referendum …..never thought I’d hear myself say that
    But not on whether we stay in the EU but as to whether or not we wish to continue paying the bungling shower that call themselves MPs and consider themselves a class above the mere mortals that foot the bill .

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