The MP for Lichfield and Burntwood has called for a General Election to break the Brexit deadlock.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered another defeat on his attempts to ensure the UK leaves the European Union at a special sitting of the House of Commons.

And Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said a General Election was now needed “without delay”.

“Once again a remainer Parliament has voted to delay or thwart the will of the British people as expressed in the referendum back in 2016,” he said.

“To those who are calling for another referendum, I say we had a ‘people’s referendum’ three years ago. 

“With Labour now offering only a partial Brexit with the UK still being subject to control from Brussels and the Liberal Democrats who would remain in the EU, the only effective ‘people’s vote’ – which is long overdue – is a General Election.

“Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party are vetoing an election under the Fixed Term Parliament Act.  He knows, if the polls are correct, that both his party – and he personally – are deeply unpopular and so would be likely to lose.

“So we are trapped with a Government that does not enjoy a Parliamentary majority and a Parliament which is made up predominantly of remain MPs determined to stop Brexit. 

“This cannot go on.  It is paralysing our country.

“So I say let’s have a ‘people’s vote’ without delay – namely a General Election.  Then the people can make a real choice between the alternatives for our country.”

Founder of LichfieldLive and editor of the site.

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  1. “Once again a remainer Parliament has voted to delay or thwart the will of the British people as expressed in the referendum back in 2016,”

    No Michael, a democratically elected parliament, not a remainer parliament, which I believe you are still part of has decided that the pile of excrement your minority government keeps on rolling out is not fit to wipe the arses of the British people!

    17.4 million people from a population of 67.5 million voted to leave, over three years ago, time wasted by your self preservation society of a party which has spent the time and our tax payers money on a propaganda campaign, what’s the message this week Michael? The British people just want it ended?

    No Mr Fabricant, we want it done properly or not at all, unfortunately your party has made such an epic balls up of Brexit we “The British people” will be suffering for years.

    So by all means call a general election, let us vote ” Anything except Tory” and let us end it for you!

  2. The Prime Minister did call for a General Election if you remember and opposition parties, who had been calling for one for so long, voted against it. I wonder why that is?

  3. @Cearbhaill…. After Johnson’s appointment he was adamant our membership of the EU would end on 31st. of October 2019. As May’s agreement had been rejected there was nothing in place to prevent the exit without any agreement. As you are aware the vast majority of parliamentarians oppose leaving the EU (in spite of approving the referendum). Boris Johnson gave the assurance that negotiations were still going on, but many doubted the sincerity of this and were afraid that if an election was called before some legislation was implemented that forbade us leaving without an agreement then a no deal might be the outcome by default. They further required that an extension past the 31st deadline became compulsory if an agreement was not passed by parliament. The timings were all important. If an election was called before the safeguards were in place then it was possible there would not be time to debate the issue before the default date. This basically is why opposition parties could not call for an election and also prevented Johnson calling an election by manipulating the timing of suspending parliament to achieve his ends on exiting the EU. Perhaps we have to accept that our elected members have to act on what they perceive as our best interests. I don’t suppose there are many situations that can ever be entirely clean cut. Having put the fundamental issue of who should govern us to a public vote and recieved an unequivocal answer then most people who support a democratic process would take that as final.

  4. Unfortunately a great amount of the discussion about brexit goes on in social media platforms by a considerable number of uniformed racists. For example we fed our country during WW2 so we can do it again. Untrue the battle of the Atlantic was the enemy’s attempt to starve us. Another one I have seen the EU has stopped us growing wheat and insists we buy it from Russia.This propaganda is believed by the simpletons who work on the principal if it is on Facebook it must be true

  5. @caerbhaill

    Because of a self-imposed leaving date, the ‘dead in the ditch’ date if you will.

    If Brexit is the “will of the people,” extend with enough time to have a referendum or an election where the elected government will have enough time to do things properly, not this underhand WAB where 5 days now remain to evaluate 110 pages of agreement and 450+ pages of reference, with no release of the impact assessments.

    I wonder, if Brexit is so good, why operate in this manner? I think we all know the reason.

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