Michael Fabricant

Lichfield and Burntwood MP Michael Fabricant has told Parliament that businesses want an end to Brexit uncertainty.

Michael Fabricant made his comments in the latest debate in the House of Commons about Boris Johnson’s proposed deal for the UK to leave the European Union.

And the Conservative told the Prime Minister that companies want to see the Brexit Deal endorsed by Parliament without any further delay.

Michael Fabricant speaking about Brexit in Parliament

“The Prime Minister will know that the Mayor of the West Midlands is in very close contact with manufacturers in the area, including Jaguar Land Rover,” Mr Fabricant said. “They are saying that the most damaging thing to manufacturing, and industry as a whole, is the uncertainty due to delay.

“They want – not just me, not just the Mayor – but manufacturers want the deal done and the deal done now.”

Mr Johnson replied: “My Right Honourable Friend is completely right, and the consequences of not getting this done, and not voting through this deal tonight is to continue with the creeping paralysis that is affecting certain parts of our economy.

“Perhaps even worse, if we don’t get this thing done, we face the continuing acrimony, the abuse, that I’m afraid is still heard on both sides, perhaps increasingly heard, on both sides of the argument.

“The divisions will continue.”

The Prime Minister could pull his Brexit bill if MPs do not agree with his three-day timeline at a vote later today (22nd October).

And Mr Fabricant said it was important that Parliament did not drag out the decision on a deal any longer.

“People are growing weary with these continual delays to Brexit and it is dividing society,” he said.

“Parliamentarians agreed the would abide with the referendum when it was held in 2016. Parliament’s implementation of the decision is long overdue.

“Labour believe that by delaying or stopping Brexit altogether it will damage Boris and  increase their popularity.  I think that voters are smart enough to recognise political cynicism when they see it. 

“These delays are damaging our nation.”

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  1. Is it more tedious to be brow-beaten into a no-deal Brexit because the Conservatives are trying to force it through by ensuring all our energy is gone by these ridiculous machinations at the hand of this thoroughly venal government, or is it more tedious to have snake-tongue Fabricant twisting the words of Jaguar Landrover?

    Yes businesses do not like this period of uncertainty, however they dislike the prospect of a no-deal Brexit even more:

    “Jaguar Land Rover’s overall CEO, Ralf Speth, has repeatedly warned of the damage a No-Deal Brexit could cause if cars made in the UK but exported to Europe carry a tariff, or if parts required to build cars in the UK are required to undergo border checks. He has estimated the potential cost to the firm to be up to £60m per day.”

    How much would Johnson’s ‘lipstick on a pig’ repainting of Theresa May’s deal cost Jaguar Landrover? Who knows, because the Conservatives are trying to ram it through parliament before any proper scrutiny can take place, three days for 110 pages and 450+ references.

    If Brexit is so good why not ask for an extension, publish the deal in full with all the references and the impact assessments and allow parliament to scrutinise and amend, in the normal way parliament would.

    We know why they don’t want this, because Johnson’s hubris means the British public can go hang if he can seem to be some sort of ‘get Barexit done’ hero, no matter what expense.


    May the Tories winter be long and hard.

  2. 2 points Michael. I am fed up with you telling us how good the mayor of Birmingham is, you represent Lichfield not Birmingham. Lichfield isn’t even in The West Midlands. And you voted against Teresa Mays deal, you don’t really want Brexit done at all.

  3. Do they Michael because you and the conservative party tell us they do ,I know of several businesses in the Lichfield area that most certainly don’t

  4. I so wish we had an MP who was concerned for local residents. The current electoral setup and voting system means that Lichfield will be stuck with some random nutter running the show for a long time to come. It doesn’t matter if they’re completely off their trolley – the blue rosette is what the snobby Lichfield voters value more than anything.

  5. My business definitely doesn’t. What business wants is certainty and even agreeing the WA won’t give that. Brexit means years of uncertainty. Revoke article 50. It’s the only way.

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