The proposed new development in Streethay

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Twenty-two new homes could be built on a a plot of land in Lichfield if a development is given the green light.

Keon Homes has submitted a planning application to Lichfield District Council to build on a plot of land between the Burton Road and the A38 in Streethay.

The proposed layout of the new development in Streethay

The company hopes to put a mix of one, two and three bedroom properties on the site.

The grassland is alongside the new junction at the A38 slip road opposite the new Roman Heights development.

A report supporting the application said: “Planning permission is sought for a mix of detached, semi-detached, terrace housing and apartments.

“It is proposed to access the site via the existing access point on to Burton Road.

“The access point will be widened such that the road will be some six metres in width with a footway provided on the western side.

“The footway will be extended on to the highway land fronting the site and provision is made for a pedestrian crossing at the nearby traffic lights.”

Full details of the proposed scheme are available on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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9 replies on “Developers hoping to build 22 new homes on land in Streethay”

  1. The rush to build on any available land in Lichfield is gathering pace. As the traffic from the A38 hurtling towards the entrance to this estate will be!

  2. The air quality report suggests there will be no problem for this development. A major trunk road literally overhangs it with twenty four hour heavy traffic. Seems more like the sword of Damocles to me. I have posted much on the dangers of vehicle pollution and, like the three wise monkeys who see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing, our elected councillors hold their council. If they were brave enough to say I am wrong that would be a start. The probable reality is that they know all the statistics (except those which might be considered doubtful from the developer) are pointing one way. Children are particularly vulnerable. I wouldn’t want it on my conscience.

  3. Lichfield is growing at a ridiculous rate. This isn’t a NIMBY rant – far from it. I’m all for developing communities etc. but, the rate of new housing developments is scary. You can’t drive more than a few hundred meters without passing a new build site of some sort. All the while, schools are over subscribed, doctors surgeries have waiting lists of patients, and the roads in and around the city are congested beyond belief. All I see is new builds and what we need is infrastructure.

  4. I am sure if the developers could build over the A38 and put the houses on stilts 6 inches higher than the average lorry. They would.

    Lichfield and other areas need new houses. It needs to be planned and thought out. The current system is just individual developers working out where they can make the most profit without any local plan.

    Sadly, the council has let this happen for so long. They have set a precedent and the developers will just take them to court if they refuse any application.

    It’s a shame housing is not a national issue. If it was, the local MP could get involved.

  5. A high-speed railway at one end of the 22 homes, a tunnel for the slip off the A38 at the other and the A38 above your head. Sadly. as it’s right next to Lichfield Trent Valley and will have lots of good transport links, none of this will matter and they’ll probably cost in excess of £300,000

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