Spot the cat after his operation

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An animal charity is appealing for help to cover the vet bills of a stray cat who needed surgery on both ears.

Spot was handed over to the local branch of the Cats Protection group where carers took him to vets who discovered he had multiple growths in both ears.

Spot the cat after his operation

Despite attempts to treat him with antibiotics, medical staff decided an operation was the only solution.

Now sporting a shaved head, 11-year-old Spot is slowly recovering at the home of a volunteer fosterer.

“Spot really is a super duper cat,” said Sue Hocknell, the group’s welfare and neutering team leader. “I have never seen such an affectionate cat that craves attention.

“Because he was left alone for so long, the growths had begun to affect his hearing.

“The necessary operation has unfortunately affected his hearing further.

“He is recovering slowly, and we are doing our best to make sure he doesn’t scratch at his stitches.”

But the charity has been left with a hefty bill for the treatment and is hoping local cat lovers will help cover the costs.

It hopes to raise £2,500 through an online fundraising page, with anything received above the target used to support other cats and kittens in care.

Spot is expected to take some time before he can be rehomed, but the charity says it has other feline friends in need of new owners.

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