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A new LGBT social group has launched in Lichfield.

Diversity will meet on the first Monday of every month at The Scales on Market Street.

Organisers say the group offer the opportunity for games and informational sessions related to LGBT issues.

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A spokesperson said: “We aim to provide an inclusive, comfortable environment for those who identify as LGBT and for those who are friends and family of LGBT people.”

The group is for over 18s and meets from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. For more details email LGBT.Diversity@outlook.com.


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7 replies on “New LGBT group launches in Lichfield”

  1. I wonder if anyone holds meetings for people who are straight and proud, or is that prejudice? Why can’t people just be whoever they are without shouting about it and drawing attention to themselves.

  2. Diversity is not about people moaning and complaining about LGBT issues. Its about like minded people enjoying themselves in warm, welcoming and safe environment. Just like any other social and support group.

  3. I agree with Asellus aquaticus. I couldn’t give a monkey who loves who as long as they are happy. It’s good to see something like this being offered in Lichfield. Rather then making comments on the merit of it we should embrace the differences we have across the district.

  4. I joined this group last night, I’m someone that has self esteem and confidence issues, so was just looking to meet new people and hopefully help build my confidence a little.. And I can honestly say this is a group of wonderful, friendly people and they really gave me a warm welcome, by the end of the night I was happy I went…
    I’d highly recommend this group to anyone of the lgbt community who is looking to meet like minded friendly people..
    Hopefully more people find their way to this group..

  5. Perhaps “Agrees with David” might wish to organise a “Straight Bloke Support Group” if he feels so strongly that one is needed. They could discuss all the ways in which straight blokes struggle to live their lives in public like….. erm…. well… I’m sure they’ll find something.

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