The resurfaced A5190
The resurfaced A5190 with new road markings painted

Drivers have criticised work to resurface a key route between Lichfield and Burntwood.

The resurfaced A5190 with new road markings painted

The A5190 from Pipehill has been relaid, with motorists facing delays while the work was carried out.

But with the maintenance crews now cleared away, some drivers have contacted Lichfield Live raising concerns about the standard of the new surface.

One said: “It looks like a temporary road surface – but they’ve painted the lines on.

“It’s heavily scored, very slippy and has no grip It looks worse than it did before.”

Cllr Helen Fisher, Cabinet member for highways and transport at Staffordshire County Council said inspections were planned after the concerns were raised.

“This section of road received a surface treatment earlier this year to reduce the formation of potholes and improve the grip on the road,” she said.

“We are aware of concerns regarding the completed works and will be assessing the site to ensure its quality.”


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  1. I travel this road twice a week and kept wondering when it was going to be finished. I’m gobsmacked to read that the appalling surface is a finished one. They ought to be ashamed off themselves.

  2. I totally agree that the finish appears poor.I have also been expecting a top coating to be added to the surface finish

  3. Cllr Helen Fisher, Cabinet member for highways and transport at Staffordshire County Council said inspections were planned after the concerns were raised.

    This really strikes me that they just pay the contractors, without ever checking the standard of work completed. If you look at some of the work done in the roads of Lichfield and Burntwood. Contractors appear to just chuck it back and all is fine.

    There are many places where the work does not meet the current surface. Producing future potholes. Some is so bumpy, when you drive over it, you feel every bump.

    It is public money they are throwing away.

  4. On the road surface you can see the spray lines of bitumen with gaps between them and this gives the appearance that little grit has adhered between the sprays of bitumen. Very poor quality refurb for a major A class road. Why do the public have to complain about the poor finish, has no one inspected from Staffordshire County Council, this is doubtful as white lines have been painted.

  5. The road surface looks and feels unfinished. It seems to lack grip in the dry let alone in the wet. Hate to think what happens with a hard frost.

  6. When you compared with the road treatment already put down in some roads in burntwood the Lichfield rd is a joke.
    God help the people on motorbikes and cycles trying not to get stuck in the groved surfaces
    A complete disaster and more of our money down the drain that have been lifted up to meet the new surface

  7. I use road twice day to from work the road surface is very poor and accident waiting happen no road Mark’s to dangerous drive on

  8. Who did the work? The previous campers at Greenwood House. A totally botched job that will cause an accident when the cold weather comes from ice collecting in the in the ribs. But don’t worry, as LDC have passed it off and will be responsible for any costs.

  9. This is yet another example of shockingly poor work paid for by the tax payer, numerous drains have been left dangerously below the finished surface. Avoer and above the disruption, the grit damaging cars, the noise and waste of money-this is a death trap for cyclists or motorcyclists, if someone hits one of the drains they could fall into oncoming traffic. Burntwood residents have been subjected to this appalling surfacing work for years now, just look around the area, tape in bushes, the drains will be blocked with grit, so expect flooding, it’s slippery dangerous and an absolute disgrace. Sadly another sign of the times, incompetent dangerous rubbish atcthe tax payers expense.

  10. It’s because the road is in Burntwood, Springhill road had been re surfaced but the potholes are still there!

  11. Who helped to put us in this situation? 50% cut to SCC voted FOR by Fabricant, Regardless of the skewed priorities of the Tory council, he has NEVER fought our corner. Yet he gets elected to represent an area he doesn’t have a personal home in, just a gratis flat.

  12. I travel on this road 4 times a day and got to say it’s the most terrible work I’ve ever seen!! How can this happen? And you know what our council tax will go up even more!!!! Where do they spend it? Its certainly not on the roads

  13. Who ever did this job should be fired it is terrible to drive on and dangerous especially when the winter arrives why has no one from SCC inspected this before completing the drains being raised and white lines painted must not have gone to Specsavers

  14. It’s very slippery , imagine what its going to be like when its icy! Accidents are going to happen. What a waste of money, yet Burntwood is full of potholes!!

  15. A hot sand test would establish if the required amount of binder has bonded to the chippings. If it hasn’t it’s likely the binder was at the wrong temperature or on the thin side.

  16. Dreadful waste of money, these people should be ashamed of themselves, how do clowns like this get such well paid jobs !!!

  17. Quite honestly my 8 year old great nephew could do a better job with an icing knife, it is an utter disgrace and waste of ratepayers money. Not all of the drains have been levelled off either and to add insult to injury, I presume the same contractors have done the sunken drains in Hospital road which, after only a few weeks have sunk even more. I have noticed recently Walsall council have done a brilliant resurfacing job around Brownhills and Aldridge, so what’s the problem. The whole business stinks of something much worse if you ask me and heads should roll immediately. It is no wonder other seriously needed updates don’t get done when good taxpayers money is literally poured down the drain like this.

  18. The road surface is absolutely abysmal, the contractors who did this job should be struck off the council list, its an accident waiting to happen, I would not have paid them in washers, but its only the tax payers money.

  19. Fabricant now jumped on to band wagon. Typical perhaps he can get a photo opportunity standing in the middle of the road pointing at the tarmac

  20. They will have done whatever was on the tender document no more no less blame whoever in the council drew it up and accepted the quote

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