Steve Norman
Steve Norman

The Labour group leader at Lichfield District Council says he hopes to get cross-party support for a climate change motion.

Cllr Steve Norman said he hoped the move would ensure environmental issues were kept at the forefront of the local authority’s decision-making.

The motion says:

Lichfield District Council recognises that a climate change emergency exists and, in consequence, resolves to take this into account as a factor in all future policy and spending decisions of the council, with an Environmental Impact Assessment, whenever appropriate.

Steve Norman

Cllr Norman said: “We tabled a straightforward but important motion on climate change last Friday in order to ensure our council keeps this at the forefront of any decision we make.

“In fact I tried to raise this at the strategic overview and scrutiny committee on 12th of September but was prevented by the Conservative Chairman who later accused me of playing “party games” – something that anyone who has known my scrutiny record over 19 years would find ridiculous.

“I am hoping that Cllr Doug Pullen, the new leader of Lichfield District Council, will support this and ensure all councillors are mindful of the decisions they take and the consequences for climate change.”

Cllr Pullen has recently called for a joined up approach between different councils to tackle the climate change challenges.


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5 replies on “Labour leader hoping for cross-party support on climate change motion at Lichfield District Council”

  1. This has the Lib Dems support. This is a major issue of our time and everyone and every organisation (including LDC) has an important role to play in tackling this

    The Lib Dems brought the same motion to Lichfield City Council which was passed with support of all parties a couple of weeks ago

    Very happy to support this

  2. Unless LDC can get the USA, China and India to join in they are wasting their time and our money. If the UK reduced it’s emmisions to zero it only accounts for less than 2 percent of world output. I see another tax coming up

  3. How do they propose to tackle this? Much of the root causes of global warming is totally beyond their control. If the aims were to improve traffic control around our city, especially near schools and areas of high pedestrian levels where idling emissions are highest that would be something. The reality is that they are doing the opposite to this with infrastructures incongruities like the Sothern non bypass going through newly constructed housing developments and joining a five way junction very near the city centre. If the same people are part of this new initiative then the outcome will probably be to turn off a few office lights for a while. Have your meeting and your free lunch and then forget it. You are totally ineffectual. Paying lip service to this desperate situation is disingenuous to a point of recklessness.

  4. I would say this is a good move. However, the way developers are clearing fields and any green spaces to create developments that add to pollution.

    It would be good to see the banning of the green netting that has appeared in Lichfield on hedges. This is to stop birds nesting and making it easier for developers to build. If they stop birds nesting. It removes barriers to building.

    I have often heard about local public transport. It is a joke. It is so limited, hardly any routes and a minimal service that runs for a few hours a day. The Cross City line is above capacity and getting worse.

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