Labour and Conservative plans for NHS spending cannot be trusted, the Lib Dem General Election candidate for Lichfield has claimed.

Health is expected to be one of the major battlegrounds of the campaign outside Brexit before voters head to the polls on 12th December.

Paul Ray

But Paul Ray – who will contest the seat for the Lib Dems – says people in Lichfield and Burntwood can see first hand the challenges facing the National Health Service.

“The Liberal Democrats offer ambitious plans for our struggling NHS and other public services,” he said. “ASnd unlike Labour and the Conservatives, they are based on responsible funding commitments you can trust.

“We see the strain here in our own community – Lichfield no longer has a police station or help desk, GP waiting times are getting longer and longer and the council decided to close down our leisure centre at the Friary Grange. Thank goodness for the community action that got the Conservative council to reverse this.

“The Liberal Democrats recognise that a strong NHS and social care service for vulnerable members of our communities are fundamental rights for our citizens both nationally and here in Lichfield and Burntwood.

“And we will continue to campaign to keep the Samuel Johnson Community Hospital open, so that local residents don’t have to travel to Burton or Derby for relatively minor ailments and injuries, and can get treatment closer to home.”

“Wildly extravagant spending promises”

The Lib Dem hopeful – who stood for the party at the last two General Elections – said his party had sought advice from those on the frontline before costing their plans.

“The Conservatives and Labour are making wildly extravagant spending promises,” he said. “You just can’t believe them.

“By contrast the Lib Dems have sensibly costed plans. Our NHS, once the envy of the world, is struggling so badly after years of being starved of funding by this out of touch Tory government. Hospital waiting lists are growing, each winter brings a new crisis.

“At the national level, the Liberal Democrats asked for advice from an expert panel including the former chief executives of NHS England, the Royal College of Nursing and the Patients Association – and these experienced experts concluded that the NHS in England needs a real term funding increase of £4billion and further real terms increases of £2.5billion in each of the following two years.

“We will commit to that.

“Our funding plans are responsible. We will put a penny in the pound on income tax and that will be ring fenced to help fund our NHS and care services.

“We recognise that tax increases are not always popular, but properly funding the NHS is absolutely vital to this country’s future.

“The Liberal Democrats will fight to protect the NHS and our care services in particular here in Lichfield and Burntwood – and based on sensible and responsible funding plans.”

The candidates confirmed for the General Election so far are:

  • Michael Fabricant – Conservative
  • Paul Ray – Liberal Democrat
  • David Robertson – Labour


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27 replies on “Lichfield Lib Dem candidate says Labour and Conservative NHS promises cannot be trusted”

  1. Paul Rey says that the NHS has been starved of cash by the Tory government and he’s right. We’ve had 9 years of Tory rule but for the first 5 years of those they were propped up by the Libdems.

    The Libdems have no credibility. In 2017 Paul came with 100 votes of losing his deposit. Hopefully this time around he will. He deserves no support.

  2. “The Conservatives and Labour are making wildly extravagant spending promises, he said. “You just can’t believe them.”

    You just can’t believe any of them. They can thrown around as many numbers as they like. It’s all election hype.

  3. The remain minority in the country are attempting to steal democracy. This is compounded by the Lib Dems who, because they know better than the leavers, would unilaterally reverse the referendum result if elected. The issue is that, even if their manifesto had some credible elements, would you vote for a party that despises democracy? As has been pointed out their track record has been one of hollow promises when powerless to abject failure when used as an expedient tool by the Tories. Sorry Mr. Ray, you may have aspirations for a political future but you need a better mast to nail your colours to.

  4. Well if we allow Boris Johnson and his Tory Nationalists to remain in power ,we may as well add a star to the American flag ,leaving one state just to enter in to another ,what a farce this has all become .
    I was a leave voter but I can see the consequences of no deal,the Tories held a vote they didn’t think they could lose and were never prepared and still aren’t
    Leave voters think their leaving the EU think again read the deal in its entirety.

  5. Anyone wanting to see the back of Michael Fabricant as I’m sure many do a strategic vote I’d required ,give it to Paul Ray at least he’s local and may stand up for the constituency

  6. The Lib Dems is not a tactical vote in Lichfield: their vote here has (deservedly) collapsed since 2010 and voting for them will achieve nothing. Labour won 10,200 votes to the Lib Dems’ 2,700 in 2015. In 2017 it was 15,437 to 2,653. Want Fabricant out? Vote Labour.

  7. All this remain minority is fiction as half the electors did not vote, many people who did vote have died and a considerable number of young people have joined the electoral register. It is those young people that Brexit will effect not the gereatric and the very rich ruling classes

  8. That’s interesting Mike, so many who voted three years ago (when this legislation should have been implemented) are now dead! And only half the electorate voted in the referendum? Mike you really should change the newspapers you are reading.

  9. Maybe he should channel his efforts towards Shrewsbury and Telford maternity unit now police are considering corporate manslaughter charges against this local franchise of #envyoftheworld?

  10. Phillip I have I have stopped reading the torygraph. I don’t know how old you are but I have voted Tory for 55 years or so but I am definitely not going to again due to Boris and his string puller Cummins

  11. I’ve only heard from the Tories, who are stating they will ‘build 40 new hospitals,’ which sounds like nonsense, there’s an easy win in Liverpool in completing the hospital that was left half-built by the Carillion collapse, but it’s not new, it replaces another hospital.

    I’m not sure what Labour are promising on Hospitals, however I’d prefer an NHS commitment as whole, we have to be smarter than promising bricks and mortar in election preferable locations.

    I’ve supported the Lib Dems in the past but this election statement from Mr Ray is factually incorrect in many areas and doesn’t tackle the big issues or removing a pernicious Tory government, as such they should have took the big decision and stood aside for a Labour candidate, by choosing to contest Lichfield (and Tamworth for that matter) they run the risk of gifting yet another term to Fabricant. That is unforgivable.

    It seems to be a trait of the Lib Dems, as soon as they garner some support they implode.

  12. The 40 hospitals claim is completely disingenuous. It is actually 6 hospitals. They have been challenged over this time and time again but keep repeating it. Fabricant tweeted it again today. It is simply not true, they know it is not true but do not care.

  13. A friend once said. Look a politician opening his mouth, he has got to be lying. But the voters of Lichfield can’t see further than the ends of their noses

  14. Fabricant has not been seen in Burntwood since one Sunday morning in the lical elections. Today he is pretending to marshal Park Run Chasewater as a photo op. I am going to run a different ParkRun having marshalled or run my local 9 times since it stsrted in September. What a shameless person and lousy MP he is.

  15. John what do you expect but I will put a fiver on him getting a large majority. As I pay rates to Lichfield but have the Tamworth Tory twit as an MP and if he was to stand in front of me I would not know him, never seen him in my village as it is true blue . The system stinks and for a Tory voter of 55 years the Tory’s stink

  16. Philip Allso “The remain minority in the country are attempting to steal democracy.”

    Polls continue to show a remain majority in the country, it has grown over the last 18 months and continues to do so.

    I do not agree with Swinson’s revoke stance, which is why I shall be voting for Labour’s 2nd referendum, you can’t steal democracy by having more democracy, it’s a contradiction.

  17. Well we all know the reliability of polls Darryl. So does your idea of democracy mean we just go on having referendums without implementing any of them until the ‘right ‘ result is achieved? We have been through this before. You must see the injustice of it by now.

  18. We have been through this, so I repeat, when the binary question of in or out was asked, no one knew what Brexit meant. Numerous people have suggested over the past 3 1/2 years that we should have a vote on the final deal, even leaders-in-chief Farage and Mogg, when it suited them to make Brexit palatable, not the no-deal fiasco have now.

    So yes, define Brexit and let people vote for it.

  19. More than 10,000 EU nationals have left the NHS since the Brexit referendum.
    So far this year more than 3,250 EU staff have left the NHS, according to data released under the Freedom of Information Act. The figures are from less than half England’s trusts and cover only 10 months, so the actual figure is likely to be higher. This year alone, 1,116 EU nurses have left.

  20. 40 New hospitals being built – Complete lie.
    50000 New nurses – Another complete lie.

    We live in a world where politicians can lie and their media friends will support the lie without any fact checking. Today the”50000 more nurses” is splashed all over the front of several newspapers, however some 18,000 of those 50,000 nurses are already in NHS employment. That leaves 32,000.

    They’re being recruited over a 10 year period, so 3,200 nurses per year.

    We’re 40,000 nurses short now, like today.

    Stop lying to us.

  21. Darryl, There are no definitive answers. Who knows if twenty eight separate countries can function long term in each other’s interests. We have been losing control ever since we joined the EC. Yes we do need a plan B for when it goes belly up. History suggests that caution is a wise consideration where Europe is concerned. Spreading our options wider (a bit like investment) is a safer plan. The fall out for our country would be far more damaging than the (scaremongering) trade consequences being put about by those who don’t see other possibilities and opportunities. All trade markets change, if we are too dependent on the EU there will be serious downturns sooner or later. I am not anti European I am just anti Federalism. We have functioned independently successfully for many hundreds of years. We should not give that up lightly. This is probably the only chance we will have to secure what I consider to be a safer future for our next generations.
    An interesting true anecdote I heard this weekend. A local hospital needed more nurses so they recruited fifty from the Philippines. Properly accredited and certificated they joined the staff. Within six months they had all left. Mostly for jobs in London. What we want imported talent to do is often subject to unexpected consequences!

  22. Six hundred cases and counting at Shrewsbury and Telford. Strange religion some of you worship. Can’t believe anyone’s so deluded to thnk that the Yanks want to buy it.

  23. As usual, the very disingenuous Rob cherry-picks one example to suggest that it is representative of a whole system.

    So presumably Rob prefers the idea of private healthcare. But (using the first example that popped up on a quick Google search), in 2014 Vanguard Healthcare, A private health provider at Musgrove Park Hospital, Somerset damaged the eyes of 31 patients in a slew of botched operations.

    Oh dear. By your logic Rob, ALL private healthcare is also hopeless.

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