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An independent candidate has vowed to donate half his salary to a local food bank if he is elected as the MP for Lichfield.

John Madden

John Madden will contest the poll on 12th December.

The father of four – who has lived in Lichfield for 18 years – said he was keen to give voters an alternative option to the usual party politics.

And Mr Madden said he was keen to show his commitment to the local area.

“I would support local food banks,” he told Lichfield Live.

“If elected I would gladly donate 50% of the MP salary to food banks in Lichfield district.

“I wonder if other candidates will commit to do the same?”

Mr Madden said his decision to stand as an independent meant he was able to stand on a manifesto of things he truly believes in.

“I am for the people – but I am on my own though,” he said. “There is no-one pulling the strings.

“I am against the universal credit system and believe an alternative needs to be found.

“I also believe we need to abolish student loans as well as doing more to support the elderly.”

Candidates confirmed for the Lichfield seat at the General Election so far are:

  • Michael Fabricant (Conservatives)
  • John Madden (Independent)
  • Paul Ray (Lib Dems)
  • Dave Robertson (Labour)

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26 replies on “Independent General Election candidate vows to donate half of MP salary to food banks in Lichfield and Burntwood if elected”

  1. Seems like an interesting choice. Great that he’s willing to commit to donating half his salary to a worthy cause. Impossible to imagine Fabricant doing that.

  2. john madden would love to campaign to make food banks
    unnecessary I would work hard for you all always my pledge
    and theres more to come questions always Welcome
    John Madden

  3. My Brexit views yes leave lets go
    I at the time voted leave when us the people voted and it should be what the win was on the vote was to leave EU so the economy can move on Terrible what has delayed us
    1 vote = Leave
    leave without a MP Vote they had time to stop before the people voted
    Business and our growth has slowed down lets get a new lot in to move on and put a big great
    Back into Great Britain any questions always welcome I have spoken to a lot of business folk in or out
    they not bothered they just want to get on with there business I think they should be compensated for the stop and starts and being messed about stock piling

    Lets talk reducing VAT to 14%
    lets talk about the loss of business on the high street
    lets talk about banks ripping people off
    lets talk about poverty
    lets talk about stopping abuse
    lets talk about mental health
    lets talk about student loans and debt it has and becomes a life time debt
    any lets talk about always willing politely to try answer

    Kindest Regards
    John madden some one that cares

  4. Thanks, John. You’ve got my vote which would have been a spoilt ballot otherwise.

    Re: student Loans. Even the Labour part with their “free stuff” promises never talk about the real con with student loads:: that the taxpayer will have to pay them off anyway with 25 years of 6.25% compund interest. Student will need to pearn about 5ok before they even pay off the interest.

  5. Is this the same John Madden that blocks pavements every day on his home street, with both commercial and private vehicles? Leaving no room for pedestrians, pushchairs and leaving very little space for emergency vehicles on the road itself.
    Just asking.

  6. Dave I apologise I understand your frustration parking is bad yes we live on a small rd.
    the developers that built the streets did not care or give thought to parking I have limited my parking and sold business lately. again neighbour Dave apologies sadly there are other parkers now I hope you do not think they are associated to me
    without prejudice
    Thankyou for bringing to my attention

  7. Dear Burntwood Bloke I suffer with ADHD And some times I make serious spelling and grammar errors
    apologies for my illness hope I can be forgiven

  8. God help me please

    Hi my polite reply M L so you are being prejudice to a ADHD Sufferers Politely does not mean I am not a successful Clever Business person that employs staff and runs Businesses Lichfield and Burntwood I am a Christian also
    so why involve our Lords name Also have you watched the Parliaments attitude towards the public lately LOL a democracy I not wrapped in cotton Never Was I am self successful and with ADHD no silver spoon boy self made but sorry I care and MY protest if you let me without sarcasm

    Kind john at the moment ML

  9. John Madden

    Is there a date and location confirmed for any hustings before the election?

    I’m interested to hear from.all the candidates other than through the media.

    Particularly our current MP and his regular lazy campaigning style and taking the votes for granted.

  10. Not a good start John when you don’t even know the time of your own meeting in Wade Street. Parliament is full of people making mistakes, with or without ADHD, but the nature of this condition worries me, as you would be unable to fully grasp important content of all meetings and documents if you were successful. I admire your courage for standing up for the ‘common man’ and saying what we all feel, but fear your would be ripped apart in Parliament. Your above list of ‘Let’s talk about’ should have more punch to it, ‘Let’s change’ would have more impact. Politicians all ‘talk’ about subjects, but little is done. Regarding pensioners, who would pay for all of the changes you wish to implement? Energy suppliers would go out of business if they gave free fuel away. The Government certainly wouldn’t pay for it. They all sound very attractive, but reality has to be considered together with an element of common sense. Some pensioners are far better off than young families, would they be entitled to free fuel? On the subject of parking on the pavement, this is my pet hate, It’s called a FOOT path for a reason. If pedestrians walked in the middle of the road lanes, they would be in trouble, but drivers are allowed to park and obstruct pathways with no repercussions. What are your views on immigration? What would you do to improve and support our Police and NHS. I can find very little information about your intentions and views online. Please tell me where I can read your manifesto online. I wish you the best of luck. Thank you.

  11. Hi Hedwig sorry I was at work like all of us John Madden believes in fair play and not allowing the privileged to play the system; the importance of personal responsibility, social responsibility and international responsibility; how policies should be based on evidence and long-termism, not ideologies; why we need to rebuild representative democracy and resist populism; and how opportunities for all need nurturing but not pre-determining from the top down
    With more information available to the ordinary citizen, and more information becoming available thanks to the internet, I have the gut feeling that more and more true independents will stand to get elected, because thanks both to an increasing civil service and to the EU, work in Parliament may become more about scrutiny of the government than ‘getting stuff for the electorate’.
    But one thing is certain: the established political parties will fight independents in the councils and parishes, in the constituencies and (if they get in) in Parliament – because no one gives up their fount of money without fighting tooth and claw I am standing independent who would you like me to join
    please ask the other jockeys questions also politely
    John madden

  12. How interesting that in true ‘politician ‘manner, my questions were not answered, Police – NHS – Manifesto? In fact it is almost as though an entirely different John Madden has replied to the post. As I have no faith in the existing band of parties, I am all for independent candidates and hope to read the manifesto of John Madden once you or John have directed me to the correct web address. Thank you.

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