Andrea Muckley
Andrea Muckley

The Green Party’s candidate for the 2019 General Election has been confirmed.

Andrea Muckley
Andrea Muckley

Andrea Muckley, who is a councillor on Cannock Chase District Council, will contest the seat at the poll on 12th December.

She said it was important that climate change was high on the agenda during the forthcoming election.

“Neither Labour, Lib Dem nor Conservative candidates can be trusted with our future and our children’s future,” she said. “Everything else becomes insignificant if political leaders do not take climate change seriously.

“I am absolutely delighted to have been chosen as the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood and to offer everyone the chance to vote Green.”

Candidates confirmed for the Lichfield seat at the General Election so far are:

  • Michael Fabricant (Conservatives)
  • John Madden (Independent)
  • Andrew Muckley (Green Party)
  • Paul Ray (Lib Dems)
  • Dave Robertson (Labour)


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7 replies on “Green Party confirms Lichfield and Burntwood General Election candidate”

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  1. One issue parties and independent candidates are all well and good but will never engender enough support to make a difference. At best they will be a protest vote. I suspect many, like myself, are at a loss to know who to vote for. The ongoing farce of British politics is set to have another five year booking. Even during this election campaign we are getting lies, deceptions and half truths. This really does matter. Many issues that arise in Lichfield Live (food banks, transport, road conditions, uncontrolled development, local funding etcetera) are all a result of what goes on in Westminster. We seem to be on a road to nowhere with a political system that is terminally damaged. We all know the sums of money being flaunted by all parties will never happen (most are scheduled for five to ten years hence anyway). We are being treated like the dummies they have always taken us for. This is where we look doomed to finish up; the madhouse!

  2. I find myself agreeing with Phil – who knew!

    FPTP is the issue, only under such a system can you say that a vote for anything other that the Tories or Labour is a protest vote, we need to stop labelling them as such, and give people proper representation.

  3. Democracy has jumped the shark, it is no longer fit for purpose. It only functions with a well-informed electorate. We now have at best an ill-informed electorate that is becoming more and more mis-informed.

    Newspapers no longer make any pretence of informing, they are either pushing an agenda or simply playing to their audience. Look at the different, contradictory front pages The Sun often puts out in England and Scotland on political issues. Yet the printed media is still used to set the agenda for what is discussed on TV.

    TV, and in particular the BBC, have become do obsessed with balance striving to find out where none exists, and failing to challenge outright lies by politicians. Johnson is merely following the Trump playbook of outright lies knowing they will reach his target audience but any rebuttal or correction will not.

    Add to that Social Media where large numbers of the electorate now form and confirm their beliefs. Most people are living in an echo chamber, any dissenting view dismissed as fake news, the provenance of any corroboration never doubted. And so much money spent directly targeting fears and insecurities of different demographics, learning from reactions.

    Arron Banks said after the EU referendum that they were advised reality didn’t matter, emotion did, so that was where they spent their money.

    Truth, honesty. These are outdated concepts and democracy is no longer fit for purpose.

  4. Darryl (my new mate!), While I agree first past the post is probably the least satisfactory democratic function because it disenfranchises so many, nor do I agree that minority parties should have a disproportionate influence (like the DUP) when policy has to be tailored to a small number of voters. For one thing I would ban any formal coalition arrangements because they are not part of a democratic vote by the voters for either of the parties involved. I have heard of a transferable voting system which would apply if a voting threshold is not above a certain level (voters make more than one choice) but think it worth exploring a more universal democracy where the total votes for a party in the country is translated into allocated seats. Many issues would have to be resolved but, at least, the true national majority would be dominant. It also means that every vote would count. This is a difficult subject but it is evident that we need a better system than our present one which really reflects the wealth or (relative) poverty of any given constituency. It is not fit for the present age and a more egalitarian alternative is long overdue.

  5. Proportional representation Phil.

    In the UK:

    “The established parties in UK elections can win formal control of the parliament with as little as 35% of votes”

    That’s not right.

    Similar to the map of the USA the Trump administration enjoys sharing, which shows America predominantly red, when you break down how each state voted, the picture is much more nuanced.

  6. Nice background picture of the green sewage pipe in Cannock Chase Constituency but what is the significance?

  7. The Green Party are not a one issue party, yes climate & environment are forefront to their cause, but is that such a bad thing, a government concerned with keeping us alive?

    Apparently, years spent arguing about leaving Europe and messing with the NHS are the most important issues, issues self made and hyped by succesive Tory & Labour governments, BREXIT, NHS, BREXIT, NHS the serious issues created by serious parties funded by those with serious vested self interest and the darlings of the UK media, guided by and funded from the same sources. A UK population brainwashed day after day into what they are told is important.

    If you want change, vote for change, vote for a party any party not just Green that will give you electoral reform not the same old two party politics that have dragged down our alleged democracy. Tactical voting for a party you do not like with policies you cannot stomach, just to stop an even worse alternative is hardly the basis for fair democratic representation, and has resulted in the political shit show that is our current parliament.

    It happens that the Green Party has alot of policies you can live with and feel good about, which is why in local government around the country they are a growing force that are gaining seats and repeat votes, they just need to get more MPs, very difficult with FPTP. They are certainly not a one issue party.

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