Paul Ray
Paul Ray

The Lib Dems will reverse “brutal” cuts to education, the party’s candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood has claimed.

Paul Ray

Paul Ray will represent the Lib Dems at the General Election on 12th December.

The local councillor said residents could see first hand the impact of cuts were having on local schools, suggesting many were now unable to provide even basic items for pupils as a result.

‘The Liberal Democrats are demanding better for our schools with an extra spend of £10billion each year and the recruitment of an extra 20,000 teachers,” he said.

“It should be a given that our schools have the funding they need to give our children the best start in life. Incredibly, that’s not the case.

‘The Conservatives have cut school funding to the bone and not giving our children the education they deserve.

“Teachers should not have to buy resources out of their own pockets, while parents are asked for additional donations simply to keep the most basic services available at our schools.”

The Lib Dem candidate, who has also stood at the two previous elections, insisted the impact on finances was hitting all areas of education.

He explained: “Too many schools do not have the special needs provision some of our most vulnerable children deserve.

“We cannot fail our children – especially when we know it is the children who need the most help who are the most likely to be let down. 

“It’s vital we also stop teachers leaving, and that means proper pay. The Lib Dems will guarantee to increase teacher pay by 3% each year. 

“Labour are making wildly extravagant spending promises which you just cannot believe. And you just cannot believe the Conservative promises too considering that they will only spend an extra 0.35% each year on your public services.  

“The Lib Dems recognise that tax increases are not always popular but we will put 1p in the pound on income tax and that will be ringfenced for our NHS and care services. Higher earners will pay some more in tax and we would increase to corporation tax to 20%.”

“More and more Conservative and Labour voters are coming across to the Lib Dems because they believe in Remain and just don’t trust Johnson and just cannot vote for a Corbyn-led Labour party.”

8 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood General Election candidate says party would reverse “brutal” education cuts”

  1. Remind me please Which party forgot their manifesto promise when in government with tories to increase to £9K PA Student Tuition Fees instead of promise to abolish them?

  2. Are these the same LibDems who, when in government with the Conservatives, voted for the terrible cuts to schools, local authorities, NHS, police, welfare benefits, etc.? Well, yes, of course, it is! So, if you want real change, then vote Labour!

  3. General elections are really a test of people’s gullibility. The magic money tree offers limitless finance for all the underfunded services. Every cause (except Brexit) has a promise of fulfilment. All costed in the manifestos, of course, and easily afforded without increasing taxation. Opposition parties are evil and have plans that will have catastrophic consequences for every aspect of our lives. Are we really so naive or childlike that we can’t see through these blandishments? Jam Tomorrow is no jam at all. Parties that offer finance for our countries real future by supporting university education only to sell their soul in an opportunistic power grab are not worthy of consideration. The Liberals might win a few seats because the other parties are equally shambolic but they have demonstrated that they can’t be trusted. British politics are in turmoil; do not fall for the highest bidder. The vote on the referendum to some extent reflected the electorates dissatisfaction with government in general. Perhaps another wake up call is necessary.

  4. All parties are somewhere on the “terrible” scale. All have lied at some point or let us down. Sadly, with our electoral system, we have to pick to best of a completely awful bunch. In Lichfield, that means choosing Labour as the closest and strongest competition to Fabrican’t in order to try and unseat him (based on previous election results).

    Sadly voting for other parties probably won’t work as there’s quite an amount of Fabricant Fans who ignore his many, many, many faults.

  5. On Victoria Derbyshire’s this morning Stan was defending his lying son by insulting the electorate by saying the term Pinnochio needs a degree of literacy which I dont think the general public have. I woud be very surprised if any of them could even spell Pinocchio. WTF can’t somone give the narcissistic Neandrathol knuckle dragger Johnson tribe a blooming good kick in the The apple never drops far from the tree doe it.
    Quote from Boris’s dad on National TV
    This is the level of UK political parties have . Tory for 55 years I could no longer be associated with them. The referendum showed the average UK residents racism and hatred of any one foreign the liberals are the only trust worthy party but do not stand a chance. So after 55 years labour it is. The spelling errors are due to a copy and paste from a news web site.

  6. Has Fab been told there is an election? He seems to have disappeared. Maybe Tory Central Office have told him to keep his head down.

    It would be nice to have a city with lifts at its train stations. As a disabled person, Trent Valley is very hard for me to use in wet or icy weather.

    A city centre without a massive grey fence, hiding rubble. Roads that are safe to drive on. A GP that I am actually able to see within a few days of requesting an appointment, rather than a few weeks, a stop to the unlimited and uncontrolled house building……

    Jo Swinson. I remember her. She voted for fracking (now regrets it), Universal Credit (now regrets it), freezing benefits (now regrets it), increasing student fees (now regrets it)……

    Labour created lots of PFI deals, giving the NHS decades of debts and making many people multi millionaires. Hiding behind spin and false economics.

    What a great choice we have.

  7. Its a shame that this online paper and also the Mercury don’t seem to realize that some of Lichfield is in the Tamworth constituency also with a poor quality do not care about the electorate, worried about my £80 k plus a year MP

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