Plans have once again been drawn up to build houses on land next to a Lichfield pub.

Developers had previously been granted planning permission for eight homes near to the Greyhound on Upper St John Street.

But they have now applied to “reinstate” that to create three townhouses at the front of the site with five more behind.

A wrangle over the previous proposals had led to the planning inspector siding with the developers.

“I consider it to be a sustainable location where residents would not be solely reliant upon the private car.

“Given the location of the site, and the size of the proposed dwellings, I am satisfied that the level of parking would be adequate and would not result in undue pressure on local, on-street parking provision.”

Comments from the planning inspector on the previous proposals

Full details of the proposed development are available on Lichfield District Council’s website.

4 replies on “Developers still keen to build homes on land next to Lichfield pub”

  1. Must we build on every square foot of flat land found in the city? We’re unable to provide a sustainable infrastructure for the homes & residents already here. Doctors, schools, dentists etc are all in high demand. Developers get what they want- the money- then walk away. For the love of this city, STOP building.

  2. Agreed. At what point does the infrastructure collapse where doctors dentists schools hospitals just cannot cope. They are already overloaded this just isn’t being taken into consideration. Officials responsible need to wake up to reality.

  3. Carole – Developers have the winning edge. The rules are bent in the favour of developers by the government and planning inspectorate . If the council refuses they more than likely lose on appeal. This then costs the public purse as they will,have to pay the costs of the other side . This comes out of our council tax. If they have no grounds to refuse , but do so because the public don’t like it , then they lose on appeal, it still gets built and the council has to pay more out in costs

    My view is unless there is a 100% chance of winning when refused , then they have no choice but to approve.

    This will only change when , unlikely , the government changes planning to be more local than central

  4. I do not understand why plans like this can be considered when there are derelict buildings within a stones throw of this site as well as the former car showroom site opposite the station that would be better utilised. Come on lichfield dc get a grip on sorting these sites out before granting permission to new developments.

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