Lichfield Live is celebrating after achieving a record audience.

The volunteer-run community news site has seen its content viewed more than 1 million times already in 2019.

The milestone has smashed previous audience figures, with around 600,000 page views in 2018.

Founder Ross Hawkes said:

“We don’t usually worry too much about how many people are reading – just as long as someone is!

“But to hit a million in less than 12 months is a fantastic achievement given we’ve previously had around half-a-million readers a year.

“We’ve celebrated ten years of providing news and info for Lichfield and Burntwood in 2019 too, so it’s been a fabulous year.”

Lichfield Live was also highly commended in the final of the Midlands Media Awards after beating off competition from websites belonging to major newspaper groups.

“We care about these issues”

And Ross said a successful 2019 had shown the value of strong local media:

“The numbers show us that more and more people are wanting to know what is happening in their district.

“At a time when more and more local media is becoming regionalised and local newspapers are becoming thinner and thinner, it’s really important that we keep trying to provide information about issues that matter.

“Things like the battle to save Friary Grange Leisure Centre and the uncovering of the Friarsgate fiasco have been key stories for us in recent years.

“As a local media provider run by volunteers who all have local connections to Lichfield and Burntwood, we care about these issues just as much as the people who read our stories and are determined to keep providing as high a level of content as we can – hopefully for another ten years.”

“You can rely on Lichfield Live for years to come”

To mark the milestone, Lichfield Live has also unveiled a new look.

Co-founder Philip John said:

“We’ve had the same look for a few years now so it seemed like a good opportunity to celebrate with a refresh.

“More than that, this marks the next phase of our development with a leaner, faster site that will better serve our community.

“We’ll be adding more features over the next 12 months as part of a plan to make the whole endeavour more sustainable so you know you can rely on Lichfield Live for years to come.”

14 replies on “Lichfield Live celebrates record-breaking readership”

  1. Thanks to “Lichfield Live” for keeping all of us readers up to date with local events and news, and for printing all the comments from your regular correspondents

  2. On a personal level it’s a superb source of local information, for Lichfield Rugby Club we’re grateful for the exposure and to help rugby fans who can’t get to the club to stay abreast of their local team.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Probably the only truly politically neutral news media I have ever known. I don’t know what your driving influence is……….. Just don’t stop doing it !! Well done, you have my greatest administration.

  4. Hi Asellus aquaticus,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    We’re still tweaking the site overall as we’ve moved to a new layout. It’ll mean some older content may format strangely, but newer articles should have a new look that works. Do let us know if there are any specific issues.

  5. Hi Ross,
    There’s something odd happening to the view that I get – Lots of compressed images… I’ve emailed a couple of screen shots to your “yournews” email address – titled “Screenshot” Maybe it’s something to do with an out of date work browser, but I don’t think it’s that old…

  6. Hi Asellus,

    In work they force us to use Internet Explorer 11 and the imagery and formatting is a little out of place, on my MacBook and other, more modern, browsers it displays absolutely fine.

  7. What have you been doing recently Michael? I don’t think you have been out on the stump electioneering. You are like Boris and avoiding the awkward moments with voters. Sitting in Cafe Nero or Waitrose does not count as canvassing. Good luck on 12th as you will need it according to the folk I have spoken to recently.

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