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Bosses at a building society say they hope the trial of a new type of branch in Lichfield will be successful.

Nationwide has recently opened in the Three Spires Shopping Centre.

The new style of branch, which moves away from the more traditional counter service, is being trialled in two locations – Lichfield and the Meadowhall centre in Sheffield.

Mandy Beech, director of the branch network at Nationwide Building Society, said:

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“We are delighted to open a brand new branch in the city of Lichfield, which is new location for us.

“We continue to invest in our network, but the way our members use the branch is changing, and we need ensure we have branches that work for our members both today and in the future.

“By trialling this design, which combines convenience through technology and great service through our people, we can test and learn from what we are doing.

Mandy Beech, Nationwide Building Society

“This is about evolving the role of the branch to keep pace with the unmistakable shift in customer needs.”

The branch also includes a community space, with Mandy adding that the company was keen to commit to the area:

“We know how important a thriving high street is for the community, and to underline our commitment we recently promised to not leave any town or city, where we are currently based, without a branch until at least May 2021. 

Mandy Beech, Nationwide Building Society


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16 replies on “Building society bosses hoping for successful trial of new branch in Lichfield”

  1. Sorry to say it’s a waste of time and money for me. A branch that can’t accept cash is not what banks are about as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Wasted time going to lichfield branch. Had to go straight to Tamworth to get my money out. I was informed by a member of staff that people rarely use money anymore. Lorna

  3. Whilst I would have preferred something else in its place (than a bank, phone shop or cafe) I do like the design and modern self service automation. Lichfield with its predominantly elderly over the age of 90 will struggle as they don’t know what a computer or self service system is. Plenty of cashier banks for them to pay their penny collections into though.

  4. Totally pointless – the bank where you can’t bank. Presumably they are trialling a High St presence to woo new customers – particularly the old style ones who don’t internet bank and are the sort of people who still use building societies like Nationwide.

  5. Nationwide Bull give their customers **** all they do not deserve to have any all they care about is making their already overpaid head office staff the accountants, chairmans, executives richer that’s all membership matters to them.

  6. Yes its a new concept branch, no cashier counter, no money, no way to bills. And walking past at peak times over the past 2 weeks no customers either. Its a wonder its not been called by the new ‘buzz’ word ‘smart’. What a waste, whoever thought this one up.

  7. Thanks for the insight! I was considering transfering accounts, as there was the new branch opening, but given the feed back think I’ll stay put for now…. Banking just gets a bigger mystery, and these new concepts seem pointless.

  8. Flossy that only works when it is actually open. So if your business takes a cheque for a considerable sum after 5 on a Friday that’s it until Monday. Not business friendly as when I 2as in business the postman could bring a cheque on a Saturday

  9. I have complained by phone and post to Nationwide’s Head office regarding the lack of cashier desks at the new branch in Lichifield. May I suggest others do likewise. The Phone number is;- 0800 545 3017. and the address is;- Members Relations Consultant, Member Service and Complaints, Nationwide Building Society, Optimus, Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill Way, Swindon, SN5 6AT. And mark the envelope;- FAO Mr Mathew Birtles. Unless we complain then nothing will change.

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