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A Conservative candidate has blasted one of his rival for “appalling” personal remarks made about him on campaign literature.

Michael Fabricant

A leaflet sent out by the Liberal Democrats backing their candidate Paul Ray sought to outline why he would be better than the area’s long-standing MP Michael Fabricant.

In it, the party said:

“Being an MP is a serious job. Michael Fabricant has become daft, rude and a caricature.

“Lichfield and Burntwood deserve so much better. The time has come for a change.”

Liberal Democrat election leaflet

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But Mr Fabricant took to social media to criticise the approach of the rival party:

“The abusive remarks made about me personally in the Lib Dem candidate’s election address are appalling.

“This has never happened before and I am pleased that the other candidates have not sunk to this new low.

“I know people in the Lichfield constituency won’t like this.”

Michael Fabricant

Mr Fabricant said that while he accepted challenges would be made to his views, personal attacks were below the belt.

“While it is perfectly legitimate to criticise the policies of other parties, it smacks of desperation when candidates criticise each other in their election literature.

“The polls will reveal whether this new low is appreciated in the constituency.”

Michael Fabricant


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

27 replies on “Conservative candidate blasts "appalling" remarks on Lib Dem General Election leaflet”

  1. Yeah – whilst I condone petty, offensive remarks
    ….I do think what they’ve said is actually true though. And this is coming from someone who has previously voted for Mr Fabricant. His behaviour is often that of someone who regards their position as “too safe”.

    Methinks it’s time for a change.

  2. Mr Fabricant’s weapon of choice is often an ad hominem attack: calling a young female constituent a tw@t, saying he might end up punching a female journalist in the throat if he appeared on a programme with her.

    He has no claim to the moral high ground.

    The above examples of his behaviour, and others, are good reasons to describe him as “daft, rude and a caricature”.

  3. Lib Dems should add hypocrite to that leaflet. Calling a young girl a tw*t is far more rude than calling you out for some of your daft stunts (first dates, naked cycling, some of your tweeting and so on) Please do us all a favour and retire

  4. Yup, the truth hurts Michael. You have displayed appalling behaviour and made terrible remarks. You have compounded the issue by making excuses such as ‘I retweeted it whilst I was in a Committee meeting’, that I had not read the original tweet properly. Should you not be focusing on the content & purpose of the meeting and not lambasting others?
    Your election leaflet – which seems to be your only election action – contains the usual vacuous claims about what you have accomplished for the constituency. From my perspective, you have not helped us in any shape or form. Where are the testimonials for your effectiveness from your constituents……deafening silence. However, we hear from you about your apparent accomplishments. Tell me again, when did you last have a job outside Parliament? You have been an MP for over 20 years so how up to date are you regarding the pressures on business. I guess you only ever mix with your Tory mates.

  5. I hope is electioneering leaflet did not say he had done heaven knows what to help keep friary leisure centre open because he did not even sign the petition

  6. Michael no comments from you or your boss about the UK top brexit diplomat in the USA resigning over Being fed up of having to spread half truths from a government she does not trust.

  7. More than 10,000 EU nationals have left the NHS since the Brexit referendum, including almost 5,000 nurses. These new figures will add fuel to concerns about a wider staffing crisis.
    So far this year more than 3,250 EU staff have left the NHS, according to data released under the Freedom of Information Act. The figures are from less than half England’s trusts and cover only 10 months, so the actual figure is likely to be higher. This year alone, 1,116 EU nurses have left.
    Britain’s armed forces have been devastated in six years of Tory control
    Army numbers have fallen from 102,000 to just below 80,000 – the fewest since the 1850s. The RAF and Royal Navy have also been slashed.
    13000 war veterans homeless
    The day after Brexit the UK will embark on arguably the biggest negotiation of the post-war era: to reconstruct 46 years of trade, security and foreign policy ties with the EU,so is Brexit really oven ready ?
    Anything to say Michael on the issues that really matter

  8. Ben Wallace secretary of state for defence quoted a while ago that the army was too big,the airforce would soon be all drones and the navy could lend the new aircraft carrier to the USA as it was better than theirs and they could man it and run it. Presumably if we needed it they might give it back. This is Tory rule for you.

  9. I don’t want to get into personal comments or insults. However, I do feel that Mr Fabricant missed an opportunity to stand up for the residents of Lichfield by not engaging with this summer’s campaign to Save Friary Grange. If he couldn’t comment because it was a District Council problem, then he could have supported his colleagues on Lichfield District Council by highlighting the issue in the House of Commons of the impact of the cuts from central Government on District Council funding and consequently Friary Grange and other important youth/ community services. I do feel that he is very detached from what local people consider to be important and we need a change.

  10. He would not be able to bring anything up in the house as he is always on twitter and it seems using crude words then claiming he doesn’t know what they mean. Lichfield and Tamworth both need a change from their respective useless MP’s

  11. Well,Dr Kim Rochelle, Parliament does not work like that. Unless an appropriate debate is up for discussion the only recourse he has is to approach a cabinet minister. He is not prevented from expressing his thoughts to both Staffordshire County Council and Lichfield District Council and I believe, in part, he did this. I do not know whether you doctorate is of medical or academic nature, but you might be interested know of my approach to Mr Fabricant on the matter of local pollution (especially micro particulates). In spite of expressing the opinion that this was of prime importance to his party, the actual help he provided was at best perfunctory. As for us needing a change well yes, but like the LDC it is not going to happen.

  12. He has spoken at pmqs the last reference I can find is him asking Mrs may about the west midlands business and how well the mayor of Birmingham was doing. Nearly Lichfield he needs to address the town not the whole of the midlands but don’t live in hope

  13. Considering Mr Fabricant to this day still claims he did not understand the meaning of the word tw@t when he described a teenager as such on Twitter, I’m surprised he’s been so vocal in his condemnation of his rival’s language.

    Besides, I thought “rude, daft and a caricature” were part of the Tory candidates’ election strategy – Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, James Cleverly, Priti Patel, Mark Francois and Mr Fabricant himself, to name just a few, all seem to be adopting these characteristics, particularly if anyone dares to question their claims.

  14. Mr Fabricant’s latest appalling tweet in mock-biblical language shows his appalling lack of judgement and is offensive to Christians like me, his electors and the hosts for the Hustings meeting. Nothing appears to be “off limits” for his rudeness. “Daft, rude…a caricature”? No. He’s far worse than that. He’s contemptuous and contemptible.

  15. The arrogance he displays on social media seems to have been cranked up a few notches in the last 24 hours.
    I didn’t think that was possible, but he is proving me wrong with his stream of contempt.

  16. Darryl….. Your a statistician; PMQs last an hour once a week. Matters of national interest take up a substantial part of that time as well as sychophanic support questions from his parties supporters. The speaker then selects questions from the 620 members all of which must have constituency issues. What are the chances of getting a question to the PM let alone a meaningful answer? You might be perdantically correct is saying this is an option but in reality it isn’t.

  17. The process is covered in detail on Wikipedia Darryl. I can see no evidence of what you are asserting. All procedures (with certain exceptions) are open to public scrutiny. Perhaps our MP might clarify what the situation is. Incidently Prime Ministers Question Time refers to a specific event. Perhaps you are thinking of something else. Elucidate please.

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