A General Election candidate says he was pleased to be able to discuss issues with younger voters at a hustings event in the city.

Taking place at South Staffordshire College, the debate was attended by three of the candidates – Labour’s Dave Robertson, independent John Madden and Lib Dem Paul Ray.

Cllr Robertson – who sits on Lichfield City Council and Lichfield District Council – said there was plenty for the prospective parliamentarians to take away from the event:

“The hustings were a great opportunity to meet with local young people and to discuss the election.

“The event was really well organised by South Staffordshire College and the learners there were very knowledgeable and gave us all a good grilling.

“It was clear that the young people were interested to hear about Labour’s message of real change and that they didn’t want to hear the candidates squabbling and criticising each other, but wanted to hear a clear plan to improve the lives of people in the UK.”

Labour candidate Dave Robertson

Among the topics on the agenda were mental health services, the NHS and overseas aid.

The Labour candidate added:

“I was happy to answer these questions and to provide an overview of our plan to transform the economy and environment.

“I was pleased to be informed that 77% of those present voted for me, as their Labour candidate, in the secret ballot which followed the event.”

Labour candidate Dave Robertson


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7 replies on “Labour candidate pleased to discuss issues with younger voters at Lichfield General Election hustings event”

  1. Labour prefer discussion with the younger voters because their naivety makes the radicalisation process executed by the extremists in the teaching unions so much easier. Little wonder they want to give the vote to gullible children.

  2. Brilliant! It’s refreshing to hear a politician willing to listen to and promote the interests of young people in Lichfield and Burntwood. This has sadly been missing in recent years.

  3. At last a political figure willing to engage the next generation ,far from being nieve these youngsters have their fingers very much on the pulse .

  4. Fabricant was probably off campaigning in a marginal where convincing voters might actually have an effect on the result of the General Election rather than hanging about in Lichfield which he knows he’s going to win regardless.

    If the Labour and Libdem candidates had any sense they’d have been doing the same.

  5. He is Lichfield MP and should be telling the electorate of Lichfield what he stands for and what he intends to do not just repeating his master’s mantra. If Lichfield wanted an African grey it would have stood.

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