Geordie troubadour Bob Fox kept his audience entertained with well-chosen songs, witty stories, and fine guitar playing when he appeared at the Lichfield Guildhall.

A different seating arrangement gave the evening a more intimate feel, with the performer surrounded by his audience.

After more than 40 years as a celebrated and talented performer, Bob Fox has a repertoire of songs that look at themes ranging from love to work, and tales of his native North-East.

As a result, songs by Ewan McColl and Jimmy Nail find themselves performed together, while numbers such as The Boys Who Keep The Train Rolling or Champion at Keeping Them Rolling utilise rhythmic, melodic guitar parts.

In The Bar Room was a singalong piece about lives in the pub, with The Waters of Tyne a love ballad about the difficulty of finding a ferryman on the river.

The highlight of the set was probably Big River by Jimmy Nail, the musical accompaniment being a perfect vehicle for the heartfelt lyrics and strong vocal delivery.

An encore of Farewell Johnny Miner was a ballad that was dedicated to all of the lives and jobs lost to the mining industry.

This was an entertaining, thought-provoking evening in the company of an extremely accomplished singer and musician.