The chairman of Burntwood Town Council has urged residents to look out for those who may be on their own this Christmas.

Cllr Di Evans made her comments in a Christmas message to local residents.

She said:

“Christmas and the New Year should be a time of shared joy and happiness, but it can also be a time of loneliness and despair for others.

“Please remember at this time of year that we need to be aware of those less fortunate than ourselves and remember that giving of our time for others can be equally as important as giving cards and presents

“If you know of any vulnerable, elderly, disabled or indeed anybody who may be on their own over the festive season, please make an effort to support them in any way you feel you can.

“It may be just a friendly word of support but whatever you do, I am sure you will feel so much better yourself knowing you have thought of others.

“Since last May Burntwood Town Council have made some radical changes because we want to become a Better Burntwood through a positive framework of being an effective community voice, an outward looking council that focusses on our town and is ambitious for our town.

“We are also seeking to be an enabling and consensual council that recognises different opinions, so that we develop a positive tone and culture.

“To achieve all this, we need the residents of Burntwood to reflect a shared spirit of community involvement and a valuing of all of us who live here.

“Burntwood Town Council is aiming to become a dementia-friendly town as we know that there are many residents who are unfortunately inflicted with this awful problem.

“For my charity this year I am hoping to raise money to support dementia and the carers who do a tremendous job looking after them.

“I am arranging a number of events aiming to awaken the memories of dementia patients. I hope some of you will support my efforts so that we can show we are a helpful, caring Burntwood, which looks after the needs of all the residents.

“There is much to do, but with community co-operation we can aim to achieve a Better Burntwood we are proud to live in and one that works hard for each other. 

“Finally my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year goes out to all.”

Cllr Di Evans’ Christmas message to Burntwood residents


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