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  1. Fabricant relying on his tired old USP “yeah I may say highly offensive things and I may have said disgusting things……and voted in favor of the Iraq War, supported a pay freeze for nurses whilst at the same time accepting pay rises for myself, oh and fox hunting – I think that’s a good thing, but, hey, at least I’m colorful and not bland”.

    Unbelievably vacuous. Do he really think “being a cheeky chappy” is a good thing??

  2. Mr Fabricant’s remarks were largely about himself rather than Conservative policies, and while I agree that he does take the time to answer constituents’ letters (including mine on a couple of occasions), I think we could reasonably expect more local action (Friary Grange?) from an MP of more than 25 years’ standing.
    I see that today he is blaming the reception he got last night (he was the only speaker to be heckled at any length) on Momentum supporters from Birmingham. The people I saw round me who were heckling and booing him were for the most part people I know who live in the Burntwood/Lichfield constituency. Is his accusation a Fabrication, or can anyone bring evidence to support his assertion?
    Added to which, he failed to recognise the rules of debate, and had to be stopped by the Reverend Ian Hayter from engaging in a verbal mano a mano with a member of the audience.
    Quite frankly, even if I supported the Conservatives’ policies, I would have second thoughts about electing Mr Fabricant as my parliamentary representative, based on last night’s showing.

  3. Thanks to all for an interesting event. Labour’s Robertson came over well but I think the broader worries about Corbyn and the old days of Labour will make many people too nervous. Current MP Fabricant was smiling a lot and to me looked a bit too smug and complacent: looking at his phone and even sharing something with the Chairman whilst the Greens were speaking came over as rude and even arrogant. He seemed to think that the heckling he received was from imported Momentum representatives, but I’ve not seen any evidence backing that up? It may just be that local people are frustrated and angry with what feels like levity and complacency, together with the wider issues about lack of trust and care that the Tory party are suffering from? The Lib Dems’ Paul Ray emphasised being straight and honest and having impact locally – and, for many of us, looked a potentially good, passionate individual to represent us in Westminster. Andrea Muckley from the Greens spoke well, and independent Madden was straight-talking about his policies. Overall no surprises and useful insights to help us all decide or validate our decision for Thursday.

  4. I am a undecided and I thought going to the meeting last night would help me, but I have to say it made me feel more confused about the whole situation of even whether or not to vote. I would like to say that Ian did a very good job of interjecting at the right time. I decided to go and have a word with Paul Ray and Fabricant to see why I should vote for them. Paul Ray talked to me as though I was a human being and without any interruptions, whereas when I asked Fabricant, he seemed more interested in where he was going to eat.

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