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Labour’s General Election candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood has called for more support for local services to ensure food banks can be put out of business.

Dave Robertson made his comments at a hustings event at Wade Street Church.

The Labour hopeful was responding to a call from independent candidate John Madden for whoever won the vote to donate part of their MP salary to the local food bank.

But Mr Robertson said the approach needed to be different:

“I want to put them out of business.

“The fact we are in one of the most affluent areas of one of the largest counties and we’re talking about people rough sleeping.

“It’s an absolute travesty.”

Labour candidate Dave Robertson

Mr Robertson said the squeeze on local authority finances, as well as the money provided to the NHS, was having an impact on lives of all residents.

“We all agree central government should be providing more funding to support local services.

“The 100% cut to the money sent out has left councils up and down the country without money to provide some services or set a forward looking agenda.

“We have to make sure the things people rely on to live their lives are there to support them.”

Labour candidate Dave Robertson

Candidates contesting the Lichfield seat at the 2019 General Election are:

  • Michael Fabricant (Conservatives)
  • John Madden (Independent)
  • Andrea Muckley (Green Party)
  • Paul Ray (Lib Dems)
  • Dave Robertson (Labour)


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2 replies on “Labour candidate says key services need to be supported so food banks can be put out of business”

  1. Absolutely agree with Dave Robertson. I was born just after the 2nd World War, I and many others my age never ever thought that this country, which helped defeat the Nazis in Europe, would come to such a sorry state as this, Food Bank dependency. Defeated by Tory Austerity. And the responsible Party which has brought us to this sorry conclusion the Conservative Government, aided and abbeted by their allies who were bribed but who are now rueing the day they agreed to such a thing are getting their ‘Just Desserts’ .

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