Whoever is elected as MP for Lichfield and Burntwood will need to be “true to themselves”, the Conservative candidate has warned.

Michael Fabricant was speaking at a hustings event at Wade Street Church ahead of the vote on Thursday (12th December).

The Conservative hopeful said politics would be a short career for anyone who didn’t stand by their own beliefs:

“You don’t have a long time in politics if you are a showman without substance.

“Whichever of the candidates are elected, they have to be true to themselves.

“The leader won’t be your boss, the chief whip won’t be – the people will be your boss.”

Conservative candidate Michael Fabricant

Mr Fabricant became involved in a number of debates with members of the audience during the hustings event, at one point inviting a heckler to join him:

But following the debate, Mr Fabricant questioned the motives of those who had vociferously challenged him from the audience.

The Conservative – who has held the seat for more than 20 years – said it was clear to voters what he stood for:

“If you want a dull, bland, joyless and dull MP, don’t vote for me.

“If you want to see this country bankrupted, don’t vote for me.

“All I really want to say is get out and vote. I’m sure you’ve all made up your mind already.

“Don’t leave voting to the others.”

Conservative candidate Michael Fabricant

Candidates contesting the Lichfield seat at the 2019 General Election are:

  • Michael Fabricant (Conservatives)
  • John Madden (Independent)
  • Andrea Muckley (Green Party)
  • Paul Ray (Lib Dems)
  • Dave Robertson (Labour)


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4 replies on “Next Lichfield and Burntwood MP must be true to themselves, Conservative candidate warns”

  1. “You don’t have a long time in politics if you are a showman without substance.”

    Really? He’s making a pretty decent attempt at disagreeing with himself there.
    His own party leader also falls into that category – although the mask of the alleged showman has slipped since he took over from Theresa May.

  2. He’s making fools of his electorate ,he’s talking about himself “showman ,no substance” ,Lichfield has basically been voting for a man of no thought process of his own just towing the party line ,knowing he doesn’t have to do a thing for the city itself ,isn’t it time this arrogant ,self serving baffoon was voted out .

  3. Fabricant says that an MP must be true to themselves. I would like the Lichfield MP and next government to be true to the code of conduct which every single ERG MP has breached. And all those who advocate No Deal Brexit. MPs have not acted in UK best interest. And as for respecting the result of the EU 2016 referendum in which so many deceits and fraud occurred – absolutely not. Tories are playing very dirty and much of the media is acting on their behalf. Today Laura Kuensberg Tory mouthpiece in on TV talking about the postal votes that she says show Labour is not doing well in some area. This in clear breach of electoral rules. The Party that has caused Brexit and all of the divisions in UK is not going to solve a single problem by legal means. 9 years of austerity and you ain’t seen nothing yet if the Tories win a majority.

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