The Green Party candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood has urged people to think about the impact their vote could have on the future of the planet.

Andrea Muckley will contest the seat when voters head to the polls tomorrow (12th December).

The Green Party hopeful said that while she acknowledged some issues would draw the focus for voters, there were bigger concerns to consider.

“We are living in dark days. The threat of Brexit hangs over us and our democracy is under attack.

“But above all this, the climate and environmental emergency rages from the Amazon, to the Arctic and to the UK.

“This year we have seen flooding across Staffordshire and Derbyshire. The science is clear the next ten years are the most important in our history.

At this time of crisis we cannot go on as we are. If ever there was a time to vote Green it is now.

“The environment comes first and foremost, in my mind and for the Green Party.

“If we do not protect our environment then we are not protecting our planet – for ourselves, or for our children.”

Green Party candidate Andrea Muckley

“An achievable new green deal”

The environment has featured on the agenda in party manifestos in the build up to the General Election.

But the Green Party candidate for Lichfield said there was only one option for voters.

She told a hustings event in Lichfield:

“I am sure you will hear similar promises from other parties, but we would not be where we are today with climate change high on the agenda were it not for the hard work of the Green Party.

“Our manifesto is the only one that presents an achievable green new deal.

“Given all of this, why vote for the imitators when you can vote for the genuine article?”

Green Party candidate Andrea Muckley

Cllr Muckley – who sits on Cannock Chase District Council – said the UK needed to focus on delivering a green agenda.

“I need to be able to tell my daughter what steps I took to protect her future to combat the climate emergency.

“The Green Party is dedicated to protecting all of our futures, including our children and grandchildren.

“Recycling does not go far enough – we must radically change our habits.

“We need to invest in sustainable energy sources and a sensible but swift transition from fossil fuels to renewable.

The UK has an abundance of wind, tide, sun rivers, those are what’s needed to become self-sufficient in energy.”

Green Party candidate Andrea Muckley


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