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Labour’s candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood has urged voters to consider the future when they cast their votes in the General Election.

Voters will head to the polls tomorrow (12th December) with the current deadlock over Brexit expected to be high on the agenda.

But Dave Robertson, who will stand in the Lichfield constituency, said it was important that residents thought about what their vote might mean in the months and years to come.

“I want the generation who comes after me to have what I had and more. I want them to be in a position to live a better life than I have.

“Unfortunately we are now in a position where my generation is the first ever that can reasonably expect to be poorer than their parents.

“World wars didn’t manage that, Napoleon didn’t manage that, the Black Death didn’t manage that.

“What we have on Thursday is a chance to change that. We can change our government and make sure our communities have the services they need to continue to flourish.

“I am concerned about the future. I’m sick of having to fight to keep and maintain services.”

Labour candidate Dave Robertson

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The Labour hopeful is facing an uphill task if he hopes to unseat the Conservatives in the Lichfield constituency, after the Tories won with a majority of more than 18,000 last time around.

But he believes the community has shown it can enact real change across Lichfield and Burntwood.

“There is a huge national picture but there’s also a picture happening in our constituency that can sometimes get lost in all the noise from the national debates.

“This is a spectacularly brilliant place to live, learn and grow.

“When you look around there are so many examples of the people who make this area the fantastic place it is – the work done by Spark in Burntwood, Friends2Friends, the Lichfield Emergency Night Shelter, food banks for example. These are examples of our community standing together.

“But the best example of the community was this summer [when Friary Grange Leisure Centre was saved].

“I didn’t save that leisure centre and neither did any other individuals or councillors do it – it was the people in this area.

“Or a year ago when Staffordshire County Council reversed the idea of axing crossing guards. That wasn’t me either. I played my part, but it was the people of Lichfield and Burntwood who forced the council’s hand.

“That’s why I’m proud to be part of this community.”

Labour candidate Dave Robertson

Candidates contesting the Lichfield seat at the 2019 General Election are:

  • Michael Fabricant (Conservatives)
  • John Madden (Independent)
  • Andrea Muckley (Green Party)
  • Paul Ray (Lib Dems)
  • Dave Robertson (Labour)


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14 replies on “Labour candidate urges Lichfield and Burntwood voters to think about the future”

  1. ““Unfortunately we are now in a position where my generation is the first ever that can reasonably expect to be poorer than their parents.”. Quote
    It is a sorry state of affairs when the older generation are acting against the interests of the young. It is cruel and shows an uncaring attitude it’s a case of” I’m alright Jack” with the older generation who have received ALL the benefits of the welfare system brought in after the 2nd World War. Now renegading in their own interests.

  2. Sorry, but the older generation are NOT acting against the interests of the young. That is much too broad a statement.
    Particular people are doing it.
    Both young and old have the power to change those people in parliament in this and every election.
    Study the manifestos and make your choice !
    I am voting for the party that will try to rectify the damage done over the last ten years.

  3. Dave Robertson shows a paucity of knowledge about social development over the last two hundred years. It has not been one of continuous progress. There have also been times of serious deprivation. Even in recent times self imposed austerity has led to consequences like investment in buy to let having deprived first time buyers oppertunity to purchase. The right to buy has also deleted much needed housing stock. In truth there has (and will be) always been a class of people who are state dependent. There was always the oppertunity for production work or unskilled employment but this has disappeared with offshore production. With the development of Artificial Intelligence in the coming decade it is likely many forms of employment will be affected. How this will be addressed is a challenge no party seems to have policy for. Perhaps Mr Robertson might read “Austerity Britain 1945 – 1953”, or the stomach churning “The Road to Wigan Pier”. Life has not been all roses for any generation. These are politically charged times and silly things get said but, as ever, we have become a just get by society with limited oppertunities for us all (sorry I meant most of us).

  4. David Robertson, I am just looking at the exit polls. I am sure your expectation for office was hopeful rather than realistic but it is indicative that sitting on the fence over Brexit was wrong. Also, the issues over in party wrangling and the personality of the leader was a major factor. I voted for you; not because I thought you had a chance of winning but as a protest against the Conservatives. Your party has seriously let its supporters down ( and the country as a whole) by delivering us to this result. We are at the mouth of the wolves and it is your fault. The future for the people you represent is bleak. I suspect the same could be said for your party.

  5. Mr Allso, so you do not take into account that the media and press were totally biased against the Labour Party leader, you only have to have looked at the glaring headlines of the Tory newspapers and some of the false stories that were perpetrated to understand this. Or all the fake ads and distorted stories and fake accounts on social media aimed at the Labour Party, all paid for by seriously rich Tory party donors, then I really have to consider your level of intelligence. As for Jeremy Corbyn he has acted throughout in a thoughtful and respectful manner. He has not used sordid tactics like the Tories and has behaved perfectly responsibly. And as for Dave Robertson he too is a man of integrity and has never lied not like Boris Johnson, a proven liar. He has behaved respectfully towards others, been true to himself and the community and Party. Neither has he acted in a discriminatory manner. But obviously in this specific era these type of values no longer matter. As long as you can lie, make up fake news, pay for as many false adverts and social media posts as possible, be as discriminatory as possible then this is okay with you. So this is the kind of society you want for our children and future generations. Well the country will get the Government it deserves. And will pay the price. It is called Just Desserts.

  6. Megan, your thoughts on my intelligence I have no control over. As for the rest of your post it is really an excuse for why the Labour party has performed so badly. Do you really believe your intellect is greater than this overwhelming result and that the electorate have been duped? I have represented workers throughout my working life, often to the detriment of my own position. I have never voted anything but Labour. This Corbyn party has disenfranchised me from the sort of representation I think ordinary people need. The Tories stand unchallenged and seemingly unchallengable for the foreseeable future. If you feel hurt by this result be assured my hurt is no less. People are not stupid and believe the propaganda of a capitalist press and news media. I doubt many read political views after the last three and a half years. The credibility of the party is the cause of this debacle, especially over Brexit and the economy and it’s leader. It might well lead to its demise as an effective opposition. What now can fill that gap?

  7. Well I will definitely think what I want to think about your intelligence sir. However acording to some research the Party began the slide down after the election of Blair. So to ascribe it only to the current Party Leader and his decision about Brexit is erroneous. And I do think that the Tory and Lib Dem austerity programme over the past 9 years led those disadvantaged by it to blame the EU. Also as previously said, the lies, falsehoods, fake ads and biased media contributed very greatly in my humble opinion. I am also aware that some believed “political correctness’ left them without a home in the Labour Party having heard this from the horse’s mouth so to speak. So in effect they are really Tories in disguise wouldn’t you say given the Tory Leader’s behaviour and actions in this regard. Yet that is a matter of perception, as others perceive not political correctness but equality, anti-discrimination and justice are a better description of the matter. I don’t know where you stand on that issue by the way. Be that as it may the result is what it is and I shall not argue with anyone in the Party about it. There is enough division in the country without adding to it. The Party needs to come together. Yes it is the disadvantaged, the vulnerable and the children who are suffering. This is all I have to say in regard to your response other than to say that I do not consider this election the end of the matter or of Brexit.

  8. @philip:
    “Do you really believe your intellect is greater than this overwhelming result and that the electorate have been duped?”
    That’s the whole point Philip,leftie remainers do seem to believe this, and that the whole world lives on twitter. They’re incapable of accepting an alternative point of view to the one they hold, then go on to bemoan the lack of “unity”.
    Fun to watch though.

  9. All the MPs who switched parties without calling a by-election (Soubry & co) got kicked out. Eighteen of them at least, or even over twenty if you count the likes of Umunna, who switched more than once.

  10. The worst performance since 1935. Eighty four years ago! How do you defend that? You have to be in power to change things, Labour will never see that. Even his own MPs are lambasting Cornyn but even now he cannot leave with good grace. A change at the top and a new direction is needed to resurrect this failed party. If you won’t listen to the electorate, even in once loyal constituencies, you suffer the consequences. It is puzzling that some bigots still think they can somehow alter what is now inevitable. Self delusion is why the Labour party was overwhelmed. On Brexit, the country has demonstrated its respect for democracy. Labour had its chance but self interest, infighting and poor policy decisions were their downfall. Their ambivalence on Brexit seriously undermined their credibility.

  11. I shall never support an anti-Corbyn Leader. He’s just a scapegoat. His stance was one of Peace, hence neither a Hawk nor Dove be. But the war mongers don’t want that unfortunately. When will they ever learn. It’s all smoke and mirrors. I learned about Politics and Truth and Trust, or lack of these way back in 1995, Nothing changes. So it is what it is. Still, leaves so many people without a political home. Doesn’t auger well.

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