The General Election war of words between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in Lichfield continued even after the results had been announced.

Michael Fabricant retained the seat for the Tories and extended his majority to more than 23,000.

But part of the campaign had seen him criticise what he branded as “appalling” comments in campaign literature from Lib Dem rival Cllr Paul Ray.

The long-standing Conservative MP was called “daft, rude and a caricature” in the Liberal Democrat leaflet.

But any hope of burying the hatchet disappeared as Mr Fabricant thanked all of his election rivals in Lichfield and Burntwood for fighting a fair campaign – with the notable exception of Cllr Ray:

“I’d like to give thanks to thank the candidates from the Labour Party and the Green Party, as well as the independent candidate for such a fair fight which was gentile, decent and they were not personal in their approach.

“It shows that being nice doesn’t lose votes.”

Michael Fabricant’s General Election victory speech

Mr Fabricant then went on to shake the hands of each of his rivals on the stage – with the notable exception of the Lib Dem candidate.

And as the representatives left the announcement area, Cllr Ray approached the Conservative victor – but no handshake was forthcoming after an awkward exchange.

Michael Fabricant snubs his Lib Dem rival after comments made about him

Mr Fabricant admitted to Lichfield Live that he had been concerned the personal attacks may have an impact on the overall outcome of the vote.

“I thought the campaign was a little unpleasant in places and I wondered whether that would affect the result.

“But apparently not.”

Michael Fabricant

Full General Election results for the Lichfield consitituency:

  • Michael Fabricant (Conservatives) – 34,844
  • John Madden (Independent) – 568
  • Andrea Muckley (Green Party) – 1,743
  • Paul Ray (Lib Dems) – 5,632
  • Dave Robertson (Labour) – 11,206


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12 replies on “Watch the moment Conservative MP snubs Lib Dem rival in row over Lichfield General Election campaign comments”

  1. Start as you mean to go on Mr Fabricant.

    Surely taking the moral high ground and putting Cllr Ray politely in his place would have been far more edifying than this childish show of petulance?

    A lot of us expect nothing else from you duing the life of this Parliament.

  2. Mike it’s all tares no wheat. The bad seed. The Grim Reaper will eventually cut them to size at the right harvest time. No worries.

  3. I did NOT mean that literally of course Mike before anyone interprets it wrongly. I’m really not that bad. Just to clarify. hahaha

  4. Did he call you a tw*t Mike? Did you take offence?

    Did you take offence because it’s OFFENSIVE?

    Silly wig-wearing wally.

  5. The result was a forgone conclusion ,shame another 5 years of lip service ,but I have to wonder how Boris Johnson feels knowing Domenic Cummings won the overall election .

  6. I have to wonder how people don’t realise how much the media and press played an absolutely huge part in the campaign. And the universities with research funded by other countries. Not only that how certain religious groups chose their timing perfectly to start issuing proclamations aimed at the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn whilst ignoring and not aiming similar damaging accusations at the other Parties more particularly at the leader of the Conservatives who, hiding from any scrutiny, chickened out of interviews and meeting the public. Oh yes and Rees-Mogg having made such a faux-pas. Johnson didn’t have a McChicken on the front page of a daily. And what about his ‘lessons’ from who was that female who has the hacking company. Coincidence. Methinx not me brethren. Call me a cynic if you will, but me I’m a pragmatist. The problem with conspiracy theories is the Theory about Conspiracies. Bless me little heart

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