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Michael Fabricant has been re-elected as the MP for Lichfield and Burntwood at the 2019 General Election.

The Conservative comfortably saw off the challenge of Labour, the Lib Dems, the Green Party and an independent candidate.

Mr Fabricant – who has held the seat since 1997 – again saw his majority increase to 23,627.

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Full results for the Lichfield consitituency:

  • Michael Fabricant (Conservatives) – 34,844
  • John Madden (Independent) – 568
  • Andrea Muckley (Green Party) – 1,743
  • Paul Ray (Lib Dems) – 5,632
  • Dave Robertson (Labour) – 11,206


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

7 replies on “General Election result sees Conservatives hold Lichfield and Burntwood as Michael Fabricant wins again”

  1. Well done Dave Robertson!! You went where others fear to tread. Much respect. I think you did great. It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts ( maths again) as you well know. You ran the good race against all the odds. And it’s not always the winner who wins the race. Those who can work that out work it out. Wishing you all the best for the future.

  2. Proof, if it every be needed, that you can bully teenage girls on social media, swear at constituents, burn through millions on Friarsgate, watch leisure centres close from afar and be generally terrible at everything else….. And not only get re-elected, but see your majority rise.

    What’s Mike’s next trick? Will he be closing the hospital and punching people in the street? No doubt that’ll increase his majority still further.

    Sadly Lichfield is rammed full of very wealthy people, some shuttling down to London daily. They don’t want to see change to their lives.

  3. Burntwood Bloke I think you are absolutely fabulous. People like you are the salt of the earth. You give taste to everything without which it would be, well is, so bland. Absolutely agree with you. I would have loved to have heard you speak on Monday at the hustings. Your words would have been worth more than Fabricants who didn’t say anything he only waffled. Keep on keeping on mate. Cheers.

  4. Burnt wood bloke you are so correct, the country as a whole will get what it showed. Does anyone believe that Boris can get a deal with Trump that is good for the UK. If so they must be threepence short of a shilling

  5. God I haven’t heard that in donkey’s years, “threepence short of a shilling” hahaha. What fantastic descriptive phrases you guys use lol. So much more meaningful than the “Waffler” who obviously will enjoy tgr chlorinated chicken and hormone injected beef reared in cattle stalls housing 2000 never seen the light of day. Plus huge hikes in prescription medicines and well as far as climate change is concerned forget it. Play Eve of Destruction Barry McGuire 1962 it tells you everything about this guy and his mates down in London and the USA. Hey ho now the UK is just another American state. Thinking of moving to Scotland hahaha

  6. You only have to see the guy’s door drop leaflet to see what his priorities are. Leaning up some railings, pratting about at Judo and getting some Morris Dancers onto a stamp.

    Nothing about HS2, the increasing homeless problem, no action about Friary Grange, nothing about filling every green space with houses.

    You do not represent me Michael and you will never get my vote.

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