The beaten Labour candidate in Lichfield and Burntwood said the party would learn from their General Election defeat.

Cllr Dave Robertson came second behind long-standing Conservative MP Michael Fabricant in the vote.

But the party saw the share of the vote decrease as the Tories extended their majority to more than 23,000.

And Cllr Robertson admitted it had been a tough night:

“It’s been a difficult one nationally and locally.

“It’s never great when you see your vote share decrease.

“What is really clear though is that there are a lot of people around who are not happy with the Conservative austerity agenda we’ve had for nine years now.

“Although there’s a picture that looks one way, it’s hiding some very significant swings in some different areas.

“We’ll go away, crunch the numbers and plan how we respond.”

Cllr Dave Robertson

The post-mortem on a poor night for Labour at the polls across the country has led many to question the leadership and the party’s stance on Brexit.

But Cllr Robertson said it wasn’t necessarily a case of local candidates being set up to fail by the party:

“Terms like that are an emotive way of looking at it.

“There are places around the country where Labour have made gains.

“Looking around Lichfield, there are places where what we’ve said have resonated and places where it hasn’t.

“We need to look really carefully at the information the electorate has given us and start looking at what parts of our society and community we need to reach out to and listen to going forward.”

Cllr Dave Robertson

Full results for the Lichfield consitituency:

  • Michael Fabricant (Conservatives) – 34,844
  • John Madden (Independent) – 568
  • Andrea Muckley (Green Party) – 1,743
  • Paul Ray (Lib Dems) – 5,632
  • Dave Robertson (Labour) – 11,206


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14 replies on “Labour candidate says party will learn lessons from General Election loss in Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. Well said, Dave. We certainly ran a very positive and extensive campaign here, talking to loads of people on the doorsteps and can learn from that. Last night at the count, we collected a lot of very useful information from our sampling that will help us in future campaigns. You’ve been a really great Labour Party candidate and your thoughtful, positive and yet still passionate approach last Monday at the hustings was very well received by loads of people in the hall.

  2. Well said Dave. A responsible well balanced approach. Many politicians could learn from you. I hope they do! When it’s becomes about personalities it’s a losing game for everyone. It becomes all hyped up and emotions feed on this. It’s shouldn’t and needn’t be like that in a responsible caring society. I felt proud to be of service to you. It’s an awesome lot of people you have got there helping you in the community.

  3. I put a comment on last week which has apparently been erased. I merely stated that the Labour fightback starts now- no bad language or inflammatory words used. I can only assume that such comments are censored by LichfieldLive and that it is not an open forum. If this does not appear then this is clearly the case, and Toryism is not a transparent political movement, rather it is opaque and manipulative just like its Press barons.

  4. Chris, nice try with the censorship line, but we haven’t rejected any comments on this line. Don’t let paranoia ruin your Christmas.

    Haven’t been called a press baron before though. Cheers for that.

  5. Ross, I recall having a similar experience to Chris. I am sure this is some sort of computer glitch. You are definitely not a Press Baron! I can’t recall one of them who had your integrity. Seasons greetings to you and your team.

  6. I thought the same thing had happened to me once. Thought maybe my comment may have been rather too outspoken as I am wont to voice my thoughts openly on occasion. However I did find that particular comment there later on when I looked again. I was impressed. Thanks Ross.

  7. Labour aren’t learning though are they? Milne and Gracie are still in place, Momentum are holed-up and blame is being shifted around, if you can’t see the issue then you’re going to be in the wilderness for years.

  8. Congratulations pseudo-press baron! However, I’m still not convinced about the “computer glitch”, and I would furthermore doubt that you are to the Left of Boris… The time for “rational” political debate is over, I’m afraid, with an irrational cousin of Trump running the Press and media generally and the so-called centre ground having been moved so far to the Right that is is now over the touchline and into the populist crowd… As I said initially, unless there is some form of anti-Tory coalition we will be drowned in racism, capitalism and become, as Boris firmly believes, another United State of America (cf.Cobham,
    conveniently silenced by dare I say it Boris’ friends). If you disagree please post it so I can see just how manipulated you have been!

  9. It is a worry that the Tories have agreed for the takeover of a major defence contractor to be sold to an American company. Even some of the top mod brass are worried. Both the navy and RAF rely on Cobham

  10. Of course Mike it is such as you say. To explain. my previous comment was made in regard to the ones before yours which I have only just seen. However I couldn’t agree more with you. Becoming just another star on America’s flag isn’t my idea of an independent country responsible for it’s own finances and budgeting such as was envisaged by those voting Brexit. Fact is we will become more and more dependent upon the whims of the USA upon which our security will become totally reliant. As it becomes greater we become smaller. More’s the pity.

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