Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has said the election showed that the UK still wants to see Brexit happen.

Michael Fabricant saw his majority grow to more than 23,000 as he retained the seat for the Conservatives.

And the pro-Brexit MP told Lichfield Live the result was a clear indication of public opinion on the issue of leaving Europe.

“I don’t think that the leave to remain shift has happened – it’s been demonstrated in this election.

“There were a number of messages sent to politicians by voters, but a clear one was that they saw Parliament rather than the Conservatives as being to blame for holding up Brexit.”

Michael Fabricant

Mr Fabricant said he was keen to see the Conservative mantra of ‘Get Brexit Done’ come into action sooner rather than later.

“They’re talking about going back Tuesday and sitting on Saturday again potentially.

“So there’s no escape to the sun for me this winter as I’ll be sticking around.

“And if I have to be in the House of Commons on Christmas Day I’ll be there as I just want to get it sorted.”

Michael Fabricant

Full results for the Lichfield consitituency:

  • Michael Fabricant (Conservatives) – 34,844
  • John Madden (Independent) – 568
  • Andrea Muckley (Green Party) – 1,743
  • Paul Ray (Lib Dems) – 5,632
  • Dave Robertson (Labour) – 11,206

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  1. 43% of the vote went to the Conservatives, 52% of voters, voted for Remain parties.

    Only with our shitty FPTP system can you claim a mandate for leave.

  2. To the surprise of no-one the lefties have “taken to the streets” for a punch-up in Whitehall. Democracy clearly doesn’t agree with them.

  3. Darryl, that is how it is, and will not alter while parties can command large majorities. Both the Greens (and Brexit) parties polled over four million votes each and have nothing to show for it. Strange when both issues, for different reasons, have been at the forefront of public thinking for such a long time.
    Mike, the Hedge funds and Futures market have been a feature of the Stock Exchange for many, many years. There is somthing distasteful about it because insider information is always suspected and the facilities for the rapid response needed for such markets is available to only a few. Our market is probably the pick of a bad bunch in worldwide terms and is why it enjoys a degree of trust. Raw capitalism based on money trading is akin to usury and the base instincts of personal gain. It does not feature altruism as one of its aims and would only support anything that furthered its aims.

  4. Rob, Good. It’s called Democracy. You should be shouting for joy that you live in such a one. Not being critical. Humph.

  5. Philip, I was a tad grumpy, obviously it’s not the result I wanted for the UK, but it’s the result we got.

    The fact remains that while our electoral system stays as it is, there are a significant number of high donating supporters who want to see it stay as such, then it will never truly be a fair system. The two-party FPTP system suits them.

    Johnson has stood up and lauded a ‘great mandate for Brexit,’ yet the Conservatives only increased their vote by 1%, Labour lost this election.

    The Greens garnered circa. 850,000 votes, almost a third of what the Lib Dems got, yet they get 1 MP, the Libs Dems getting 11. Labour got 10.5m votes, yet get 209 MPs. By any count, the vote per seat count for the Greens is the highest.

    This surely, in any right minded democracy, has to change.

  6. But twitter said …………….
    Steve Coogan
    Young people queuing in the rain.
    Hugh Grant
    Owen (get the vote out – we can do this) Jones
    Ash Sarkar
    Tactical voting
    Grace Blakely

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