The General Election result showed that the will of the nation was still to leave the European Union, Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has said.

Michael Fabricant retained the seat for the Conservatives and saw his majority stretch out to more than 23,000.

The MP spoke after the result to confirm that the working majority his party now enjoyed meant that Brexit could now go ahead unimpeded.

“The whole nation should be cheering because there is no hung Parliament.

“The people voted three years agoo to leave – and many people said that this General Election was the Brexit election.

“Well if it was, it shows that people still want to leave.

“And because we don’t have a hung Parliament, we can do just that.”

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant

Mr Fabricant added that the ability to deal with Brexit without ongoing battles in the House of Commons would allow attention to be focused on other areas.

“It will also mean we can concentrate on important domestic issues such as the NHS and education which are both so important in Staffordshire.”

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant


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8 replies on “General Election result showed people still want Brexit, says Lichfield and Burntwood MP”

  1. The pro-Brexit parties got just 47.33% of the vote.

    In the weird first-past-the-post system that passes for democracy in these septic isles, this result allows septuagenarian Fabricant to claim Brexit is the will of the people.

    OK. Brexit won, but now they OWN it.

    I’ll give the Brexiters every good thing that happens … but every bad thing is down to them. I’ve an idea where the balance will lie.

  2. Considering the Tories were against a second referendum, they turned the General Election into a second referendum. Apart from “Get Brexit Done” what else did they offer?

  3. “I own this result” sounds less damaging than ‘I am responsible for this debacle’. When you look at the options and the momentum of the election it is obvious that Labour were outplayed. Although some are still dog loyal to Cornyn his performance and the party ‘programme’, which he still supports, lacked credibility. ‘My word is my bond’ should have been the mantra over the referendum result. They chose to follow their paymasters instead. For the country to have voted as it has illustrates the mistake that was. When they say that Labour voters have only lent Boris their vote it is uncertain if this is so. Judicious policy could well cement their vote as many areas are overdue support. We have moved from a hung parliament to an all dominant one. How the Tories will wield the power remains to be seen. I am not hopeful.

  4. Lichfield voted in favour of leave ,it was never a binding contract ,Cameron did however say he would honour the public vote leave being the choice at the time.
    The conservative party failed ,they had no strategy or plan to remove us from the EU such was there arogance ,now we have Mays deal with a change to the backstop even so this is far from Brexit done and I suspect negotiations regarding trade will take far longer that 2020 and an extension will be required and asked for .

  5. Last time I checked Mr Fabricant, this was a General Election, NOT a second referendum. As mark my words stated, if you want to look at it from a macro level, pro Brexit parties only won 47.33% of the vote and apparently 65% of Tory Remain supporters voted Conservative anyway. Brexit was clearly the overwhelming issue but a lot of voters seem to have accepted it as a fait accompli rather than still fighting it.

  6. Personally I think the late Mr Epstein had a lot more to do with the call for the referendum than anything else that has been espoused. Mark my words as my mum used to say.

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