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More must be done to ease congestion around Lichfield city centre, the authors of a new draft masterplan have claimed.

The document has been drawn up by David Lock Associates as Lichfield District Council looks to find a way forward following the failure of Friarsgate to materialise after more than a decade in the planning.

As well as new leisure options like a cinema, the creation of distinct quarters has also been proposed.

But the draft masterplan also warns of the need to tackle congestion around key parts of the city.

“Congestion on Birmingham Road and St John Street needs to be addressed and the proposed Lichfield Southern Bypass aims to alleviate some of this congestion by removing through trips from the city centre.

“Congestion impacts the experience of car, bus and coach movements through the city, but also the safety of pedestrians and cyclists alighting from Lichfield City train station.”

Draft Lichfield city centre masterplan

The report added that more also needed to be done to spread the pressure caused by cars coming into the city.

“The city centre is well served by a variety of car parks but suffers from a perception that there is a scarcity of parking spaces.

“In fact, information on car park availability and usage across the city centre suggests that overall capacity is good for a city the size of Lichfield, but that the most popular locations such as Bird Street operate over capacity.

“Given that Lichfield has a compact and walkable city centre it will be important to better distribute usage across the various parking facilities and thus reducing the perception of parking scarcity.

“Improved signage to existing car parks can help ensure that all locations are suitably utilised.

“Improvements to coach drop-off and parking locations are required to promote increased group travel.

“In addition, improving signage and wayfinding around the city centre will help people navigate their way around, reinforcing the compact character of the city centre and giving people confidence to explore further whilst at the same time promoting active and sustainable modes of travel.”

Draft Lichfield city centre masterplan

The draft masterplan will be discussed at an overview and scrutiny committee meeting at Lichfield District Council on 17th December.

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8 replies on “Draft Lichfield masterplan calls for more to be done to ease traffic around city centre”

  1. So the plan for alleviating traffic in the city is to have a by pass at the top of St. JOHN street? I have now realised why I could never be a city planner. These counter intuitive ideas never occur to me. Perhaps if we made the cathedral into a traffic island it might ease traffic from the north? They probably already have this in mind though.

  2. After 30 years of working in several Blue Chip organisations, all of whom have at some point appointed “Consultants” to project manage a problem, it’s patently clear to most people that all “Consultants” do is present the “bleeding obvious” in a PowerPoint presentation, whilst handing you (or in this case, the Lichfield taxpayer), a bill for £50,000. What has David Locke suggested thus far? Let’s see….a cinema…..yeah we’ll we’ve kinda been there and done that……..ease traffic….well yeah that’s a given for most cities isn’t it?…next…..make the current Friarsgate site more attractive in the interim…well again, that’s something most people have wanted for some time….

    So what exactly are the council doing in handing over money to these idiots? Literally all they’re presenting is what residents have been asking for for years anyway??!!

    Am I missing something??

  3. When the junction at Greenhill was altered recently, what a missed opportunity to help ease traffic. Why on earth didn’t the council put in right filters. We still have to wait in the middle of the road until the lights go red and we can turn right. That is providing the cars opposite don’t jump the lights!

  4. Lichfield and SCC could not plan a p up in a brewery just look at road layouts and today nothing on roads but traffic lights were at red to let nothing pass. But it fits in with the carbon neutral nonsense

  5. Another complete waste of rate payers money. Why doesn’t someone say it plain and clear to these clowns. The area is swelling far too close to the town centre. More and more buildings are being renovated turned into housing. Example new fancy overpriced flats for the rich and of course another 200 plus cars that will come from the site. Again, swelling the town centre which is already at capacity for such narrow roads that were not designed for such traffic in the first place. Stop building permission, think on ! What’s next congestion charge like Birmingham are doing ? Or is that part of the master plan.

  6. A lot of negative views here, but I quite like the new proposals – so much better than the Friarsgate scheme. At last thought about the approach to the city, the mess that is the st John St/ Birmingham road traffic lights (how we have not had a serious pedestian accident here is I think pure chance) and admitting there is congestion round this area. The bus station retaining space and landscaping/planting being described. And taking in to account existing historical buildings, and enhancing the architecture. It’s a much better plan than former ones!

  7. Pam the HGVs will not use the southern bypass to go round Lichfield. They will still come down St John St unless they are ordered not to by a weight restriction. No will cars use it.

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