Visible marks on the A5190 after the resurfacing works were carried out
Visible marks on the A5190 after the resurfacing works were carried out

An MP says he will be contacting highways chiefs over the state of a recently-resurfaced road between Lichfield and Burntwood.

Drivers criticised the finish on the A5190 after the roadworks were carried out in October.

Their complaints saw a highways chief admit more money was needed in order for a full repair to be carried out.

Michael Fabricant

But now Conservative MP Michael Fabricant has said he fears the new surface “won’t last for long” – and write to Staffordshire County Council’s chief executive about the issue.

“I find it hard to believe that the road which has recently been resurfaced by sub-contractors to Amey who, in turn, were contracted by Staffordshire County Council, meets the standards required on British A roads.

“The surface has deep longitudinal grooves in it which will be prone to ice damage this winter and increases road noise as vehicles drive over it.

“It won’t last for long.”

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant

Cllr Helen Fisher, Cabinet member for highways and transport at Staffordshire County Council, said inspections were planned with regards to the road when initial concerns were raised.

But Mr Fabricant said “urgent” action was needed to improve the road surface.

“I will be contacting the chief executive of Staffordshire County Council to ask whether the road was inspected after completion and before any payments to contractors were made. 

“That road urgently needs resurfacing again to a proper standard by the contractors without charge.”

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant


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26 replies on “MP demands "urgent" action over state of recently-resurfaced road between Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. It looks like the old surface has been milled as would normally be done prior to resurfacing and then coated with a thin layer of tar. Was the work actually completed as contracted, to spec?

  2. Ah, I see from the link that the road has been dressed with a thin tar/fine grit aggregate as a cost saving “standard practice”. It’s a messy approach and crude approach. What happened to the traditional method of tarring and then adding chippings to the existing surface of non-primary roads? This seemed to work well.

  3. I was wondering why the lines were being painted and cats eyes replaced again before the surface had been finished!
    At least if longitudinal “scars” ran parallel to the curb, you wouldn’t be pulled all over the carriage way, and as water will sit in these new “scars” and freeze in cold weather surely carnage will ensue.
    What a waste of our time and money. But most importantly why jeopardise public safety, by only doing half the job.

  4. Could the “urgent” action not have been taken in October when locals were using it, rather than when he made his once-an-election trip to Burntwood?

  5. I suppose this shows we should be grateful for last week’s election. Without it, Mr Fabricant would have been able to carry on ignoring Burntwood. But having been forced to visit Burntwood as part of his campaigning he got to see the state of the road for himself.

    Still, I’m surprised he is raised it now that he has been re-elected as he doesn’t have to bother with Burntwood again foranother 5 years.

  6. “Their complaints saw a highways chief admit more money was needed in order for a full repair to be carried out.”

    Here we have a Conservative Councillor complaining about a lack of money while supporting a Conservative government that made budget cuts a major part of it’s program.

    Plus a Conservative MP who demands “urgent” action but didn’t deem it necessary to allow councils the funding they needed in the first place to avoid this situation.

    So much brazen hypocrisy on display here it’s baffling. Oh and if any of those complaining actually voted for these people well, you got what you voted for. Want better roads? Vote for it, and pay for it.

  7. The road as far as I can tell has been prepared ready for full restoration. It is by no means finished and if this was supposed to be the final result then whoever approved this needs to be under investigation! It’s a disgrace! This is the main route from Burntwood into the city. Sort it out!

  8. It’s a disgrace what are we paying car tax for this looks like it has been done by gypsies what a waste of money was it not inspected and if so that person needs sacking

  9. This Road was is better condition before this shoddy work was carried out.If proper funds were not available to do a proper job then this awful work should not have been undertaken.

  10. Councillor Helen Fisher (Cabinet member for highways) stated weeks a go that the surface was unsuitable and well below our standards, so we should chuck even more money at it and paint the road yellow bus stop signage, this was never there before and not on any other road around the district.
    This is plus the cost of lifting the drains, white lines and cats, looks like we will be driving on this well below standards road for all of 2020 not just for Christmas

  11. The surface is dreadful and to think I cycle to work to keep carbon footprint down Its a cheap and nasty way of keeping infrastructure going ..The people who authorised this are obviously car users and don’t care about cyclists.If it’s bad for cars then I am risking my life every day to get to work…Shame on you plus drains are blocked so water can’t drain off road just to make things worse …

  12. The road coming back to burntwood from pipe island was in good condition having been resurfaced when the island was created but
    that was ploughed up to match the rest of the road into burntwood
    third world countries have better roads than burntwood and lichfield
    michael fabricant and the council need to up there game.

  13. This road is exactly what we voted for and is perfect. It just shows what we’re capable of and simply unleashes the power of UK post austerity, post Brexit. BELIEVE.
    Or hang your heads in shame, Lichfield. If this is what gets done to roads, think about what’s going to get done to people in the next 5, 10, 15 years.

  14. The main point here is the fact that Staffordshire County Council has said this finish is upto the specification requested of the contractor. If that were correct no complaints would have been received with this rutted surface.
    SCC should get the contractor back to do a finish of the surface that is acceptable. There will be accidents when rain fills the grooves and freezes I hope that they have a contingency to pay compensation.

  15. Never mind Lichfield, what about the massive pot holes they just sprayed over so are still there on the Cannock Rd/ Thorpe St junction in Burntwood.

  16. Will there ever be a time when Burntwood is treated fairly , we pay our taxes, rates etc, what do we get, a road that has been scraped ready for a topcoat, but had road markings marked down instead. Did we pay the contractors for a complete job, and they only completed half of it . Have they been paid in full . The Lichfield v Burntwood farce is the same as London v The rest of the country, the tin of food goes into the Lichfield food bowl , and Burntwood gets whatever is left . Very little . Come on Michael a fair share out please .

  17. All the roads in the county are in a terrible mess Mr Fabricant and that probably applies to most of country unless you live down south.I wonder why!

  18. As posted on another piece,the contractor will have done what was on the tender document no more no less. I have in the past read local authority tender documents and you could get one page of what they wanted to buy or get done followed by ten or more pages asking how many minority staff you had or handicap staff etc etc . You have to remember like MP.s council staff have never had real jobs

  19. Buntwood is the poor relative of lichfield i was told years ago by a council worker they only spend money in burntwood as a last resort

  20. If everyone was made to vote labour would get in anything is better tha n fabricant past dealings with him have been a waste of time

  21. Come drive down the bottom of Ogley Hay road, my poor car tyres and tracking keep getting ruined the pot holes and iron work sticking up are apalling.

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