Labour’s General Election candidate says he will try to take lessons learned during the campaign back to his role as a Lichfield councillor.

Cllr Dave Robertson finished second in the poll behind Conservative victor Michael Fabricant.

The Labour man said that while he would not rule out standing again if chosen by his party, his immediate aim was to continue serving the people who elected him to Lichfield City Council and Lichfield District Council.

“The biggest thing I’ve always tried to do as a councillor is make sure I’m available and make sure I’m listening – that won’t change.

“There’s potentially some things we’ve learned about how we can go about that in a different way through this election campaign.

“But I’m still going to go out and bat for Curborough week, in week out, and hopefully deliver the best I can for the people who live there.”

Labour’s Dave Robertson


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4 replies on “Labour candidate hoping to take lessons learned in General Election campaign back to his role as a Lichfield councillor”

  1. Despite my political differences with Dave I’ve always found him to be engaging, talkative and cooperative. His passion and commitment to this area is unquestionable.

  2. David, politics are about absolutes. If your aims are not clear there is nothing to believe. Your party took a line of standing in the middle of the road. Trouble is it got run over! I see much wrong with your party and until the internal strife is resolved it will not be a force again. The leadership and policy is like something from from the 30s and 40s. Surely having been out of power for so long (and in such circumstances of austerity and Brexit) it must indicate to you that the population (including your erstwhile supporters) does not have trust in you. It is critical now. Learn or die!

  3. Philip I think that’s a too simplistic approach to the issue given all the other factors that were involved. From the very start of the debate with so many Brits not having had the opportunity to vote in the referendum anyway! Democratic I don’t think so. As well as the enormous amounts of money donated to the Conservative Party to pay for fake ads and false information on social media which was certainly a big influencer Your response is somewhat similar to treating homelessness as a one issue problem when there are many more factors involved in regards to that issue also. Oh well. No use crying over spilt milk is there.

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