The alleyway linking Lichfield bus station with the city centre. Picture: Google Streetview

Calls have been made to improve lighting on an alleyway linking Lichfield bus station with the city centre.

The route has been plunged into darkness since the closure of shops on the site and the former police station as part of the Friarsgate plans.

But with that scheme now consigned to history and new plans being developed for both the short and long term future of the area, no prospect in currently in sight for illumination to return to the road.

One resident told Lichfield Live:

“This area is now very dark as the light on the side of the now closed cycle shop has been disconnected.

“The only other light in this area is a post within the boundary of the now closed police station which has also been turned off.”

Lichfield resident

A council officer replied to an email from the resident, seen by Lichfield Live, to say that there were currently few options available to resolve the lighting issue.

“The lamp on the corner of the old cycle shop was only ever intended as a temporary measure in response to a specific short term problem and has not been in light for some time.

“The unit was installed at the time of the temporary closure of the Multi storey car park when we lost the overspill lighting from that facility.

“The cycle shop building no longer has any power so we cannot reinstate the light at this time, but I am hoping to reduce the tree cover in that area which should allow more effective illumination from the adjacent lights in the bus station and multi storey car parks.”

Lichfield District Council officer’s email seen by Lichfield Live

Lichfield District Council confirmed to Lichfield Live that improved lighting was part of the short term plan for the redevelopment of the land.

Cllr Iain Eadie, Cabinet member for investment, economic growth and tourism, said: “When the work is done to take down the old police station, we will be creating a new pathway from the bus station to Frog Lane, as well as replacement car parking.

“This new pathway will run alongside the replacement car park and will have new lighting, giving pedestrians a lit pathway through from the bus station.

“We will also be improving the lighting in the bus station.”

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  1. Was this Head of Waffle who gave this quote? What a load of tripe. It really wouldn’t be too hard to put a couple of lamps in, even as a temporary solution.

  2. Cannot but agree with Richard, be inventive, put some lights in the trees (powered from the multi-story).

    The reply from the council, is precisely why people get annoyed with councils.

  3. My Request to LDC 19 Nov 2019
    I find I need to write to you again reference the above,
    I now find it is darker than ever,
    the lampost in the Police yard is now out
    The lighting you have referred to before as overspill from the car park, now has so many lights out on 1st floor level of the car park ( and I do not see the lighting any closer to being replaced, as has been talked about in the Council) that it is ineffective
    As you say the cycle shop cannot be restored as no power to the building
    So how do you improve the the lighting levels to one of our main pedestrian walkways into our City Centre????
    One suggestion, but it will cost a small amount of money,
    I understand that the boundry wall of the Police Station is to remain, and not be demolished (cannot understand why, but powers have decided) fit some lighting to this wall temporary or permanent, not bothered, just want some lights, power can be sourced from the lampost, Frog Lane end of the walkway, short soft dig to the wall and you have an electrical supply,
    Their may even be an electric supply in the building within the Police Station yard adjacent to the wall that is to be retained
    Quick relatively cheap option until its decided to demolish the wall
    Looking forward to a positive response
    John Woodcock
    The Reply from LDC 20 Nov 2019
    Dear Sir,

    We have now appointed a contractor to carry out the demolition of the Police Station and existing toilet and retail block, the same contractor will then move directly to the refurbishment of the Bus Station area.

    The Bus Station improvement includes works to the lighting in that area and the demolition will allow additional overspill lighting from the adjacent streets.

    Given that a start on this substantial scheme is imminent I cannot commit to any further changes to the lighting provision in the area at this time but I’m sure that the works already planned will bring about an improvement for users of the area.

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