Train services have become “a danger to public safety” a police and crime commissioner has claimed.

David Jamieson, who holds the post for the West Midlands, said he could hold a public hearing over the state of services in the region.

Lichfield commuters have long complained of delays and cancellations, as well as services terminated before arriving at either Lichfield City or Lichfield Trent Valley.

Mr Jamieson said he would be putting pressure on rail operators – including West Midlands Railway which operates the Cross City Line – to improve services.

“The failing West Midlands transport system has now become a danger to public safety.

“Like the public I am fed up with dangerous, overcrowded trains and the ineffective actions by the public bodies in charge of the region’s transport network.

“The chaos on the region’s rail network is becoming dangerous, crowded platforms and stranded commuters have been put at risk by lamentably bad services in recent weeks.

“I am concerned about the impact it has had on public safety.”

David Jamieson, West Midlands Police Commissioner

Figures released by West Midlands Railway revealed that a quarter of trains on Monday (16th December) were delayed by more than five minutes.

However, some passengers say the figures are distorted by non-peak time services and the inclusion of the Stourbridge shuttle light rail service in the stats.

Mr Jamieson said an end to “chaos” for passengers was needed.

“I have received reports of police officers struggling to make it to their shifts on time. This is hurting our economy too.

“Inevitably the chaos on the trains has convinced people to revert to back to their cars, which is adding to traffic problems and the smooth running of the road network.

“As a former Transport Minister I understand how to get things done with the rail industry. Unless they significantly improve their act over the coming days, I will hold a public hearing in the New Year.

“If the improvements do not happen, I will be formally asking rail users groups and the public for their experiences, I will also be asking for evidence from the Safer Travel Partnership, as well as the West Midlands Combined Authority and rail operators.

“Those running the services and in charge of overseeing them need to be held to account.”

David Jamieson, West Midlands Police Commissioner


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  1. Well said David Jamieson – perhaps our Lichfield MP can earn his crust and bring this one up in the near year, totally shocking service and nil in the way of customer service – it’s early in the franchise but without any improvement early next year, I would be pulling the plug – this company is only looking after one thing and that’s itself.

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