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Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has said he is committed to supporting residents of all political persuasions.

Michael Fabricant’s comments came in a Christmas message to locals.

In it, Mr Fabricant admitted that the General Election meant it had been an unusual festive period.

This December has been different from usual.  Instead of early Christmas cards dropping through the letter box, there has been a plethora of leaflets from candidates in the general election. The first general election in December for 109 years.

So, given this somewhat different season of goodwill, I would like to include in this message a thank you, an announcement, and a personal apology.

Firstly, I would like to thank the 34,844 residents in the Lichfield Parliamentary constituency (which, of course, includes Burntwood and all the surrounding villages) who decided to put their cross by my name in the General Election. You represented 64.5% of all those who voted. My heartfelt thanks!

Secondly, I would like to explain that I should not be regarded as ‘the Conservative MP’ for our area, but the MP for our area. Regardless of party affiliation, I am here to help if you have a problem. 

But, as I said at the hustings held in Wade Street Church on the Monday before the election – the House of Commons has a ferocious spam filter so please do not attempt to email me direct. Your email may be lost. Always use the webform here  or you can write to me at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

My job is to serve you all – regardless of party.

Although the five rough sleepers in Lichfield district are visible, there are others who are homeless sleeping on friends’ couches and elsewhere.

We have neighbours who may be cold or lonely over the Christmas period. Try and think of them and do something to make their Christmas more enjoyable.

And thirdly, my personal apology.

Like so many others, I usually send a multitude of Christmas cards at around this time to my friends.

Because of the election, I have had no time to write them (and, indeed, I am not allowed to send House of Commons cards when Parliament is dissolved) and the run up to Christmas has been busy in Parliament preparing for Brexit and with the Queen’s Speech. 

So my apologies –  no cards from me this year. I hope I will be forgiven. But thank you to everyone who have sent me cards!

And finally, all that remains is to wish all readers of Lichfield Live – including all the candidates who stood in the Lichfield constituency election – a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!

Michael Fabricant MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

8 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood MP uses Christmas message to highlight support for all residents”

  1. What about an apology to those people he has insulted or threatened eg Burntwood constituent described as a tw@t; Yasmin Alibai-Brown; Sadiq Khan; and the constituency for appearing to do very little for it in the last 20 years?

  2. The conservative MP that thinks it’s festive for everyone?
    I’ve got 38 pence to see me through Christmas, no dinner, no present for my daughter or anyone else.
    I’m a Lichfield lad born and bred, stroke victim with a crumbling spine and brain damage.
    Universal credit has seen to it that I’m broke and distressed.
    It sickens me to the core.
    I’m not alone, many of us are suffering in silence whilst Mr Fabricants expenses alone would make us feel rich.

  3. Richard’s comment epitomises the problem with Tory priorities, indeed my mother spent 14 hours on a trolley waiting for a ward recently, Christmas wishes are hollow when you’ve underfunded the NHS and gutted social care.

  4. Richard having witnessed his Leader’s response to the young child suffering whilst having to lie on a hospital floor I am convinced that either these people or we live on a different planet. How else can it be so.

  5. To Daryl and Megan, your words ring with the real truth here, the good people of this country are being forgotten, ruined and tormented by powers of which they find there is no recourse.
    Try as we might, the government makes adjustments and cuts with funds that are not theirs!
    The struggle is real and is happening all over this land.
    What doesn’t directly affect the upper echelons that are supposed to serve the will of the people, doesn’t get considered.
    The words “fair, reason and honourable” have been stripped from government and replaced by “deceit, greed and unaccountable” doing what they wish against the greater good of a nation.
    I for one will never forgive what they are doing to people who are genuinely struggling, we are misrepresented and further more ignored.
    They should be ashamed of themselves, but that takes empathy, something which has also been stripped from the governments vocabulary.
    I’m truly broken, but I will keep my head held high in the hopes that all is not lost.
    Thanks for your replies.

  6. Perhaps Mr Fabricant (who isn’t fab ) could prove to himself and his constituents that there might be hope for him yet. If he could make a pledge to help the homeless lying on his streets and provide hostel accommodation for them so they can get the help they need to deal with their complexity of problems, it might be a rung on his ladder back to his route to Salvation. I have written to Ross, the editor about this. Instead of once again as is the norm with Mr Fabricant and his fellow men and women expecting the underprivileged to cough up all the time from their extremely limited resources. Oh yes the Nasty Party know how to make people feel guilty when they have not a dot of empathy or compassion within their bones. Not that I expect him to read any of his constituents’ comments. Far too removed from reality. As I said Richard they live in their own little bubble. One can only hope that it will burst one day when the Truth outs and pierces it.

  7. And while I am here may I wish you and all fellow travellers on this journey a very ‘Merry Christmas’. And an extremely wonderful New Year.

  8. You make an interesting point Megan. Why are the underprivileged ‘underprivileged’? Are their brains wired differently? Did they not take advantage of the education offered them? Or perhaps life has just delt them a bad hand. Is it genetics? Whatever, they are a class that are state and society dependent. How we deal with that probably says as much about us as them. Fortunately people’s altruism does somthing to bridge the shortfall from government. As the old saying goes ‘We will always have the poor and taxes.’
    My debate with you is from personal conviction but not with rancor. We all view things differently. Have a Happy Christmas and a Debatable New Year!

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