Police have launched a crackdown after as rise in tools and catalytic converters being stolen from vehicles across Staffordshire.

Officers have launched Operation Icy in a bid to catch the culprits – but are also reminding residents to be vigilant.

Figures from Staffordshire Police reveal that between May and November there were 83 reports of stolen catalytic converters.

And since October there have been 286 reports of tools being taken from vehicles across Staffordshire.

Detective Chief Inspector Robert Taylor said:

“Catalytic converters are a target due to higher prices for scrap metal and we believe 4x4s, Honda vehicles, Toyota Prius and Auris and Lexus 400Hs are particularly of interest to criminals due to the metals they contain.

“Hybird models are also a target as they contain more valuable metals.

“The thefts, which are in-line with a national rise, are being investigated by a team of officers but we would ask the public to be aware and put basic steps in place to prevent further offences.

“I would urge drivers to remember to lock their vehicles and make sure they remove any valuable items out of view.”

Detective Chief Inspector Robert Taylor, Staffordshire Police

Det Ch Insp Taylor added that people should take additional precautions where possible.

“Tools that have to be left in vans should be marked up using property marking systems or by using paint pens and sealed with a clear lacquer spray.

“Catalytic converters are harder to mark due to their extreme heat but there are a number of products available that will mark them should they be stolen.

“To deter thieves further, add signage and stickers to show the converter is marked so criminals know they run the risk of being tracked down.”

Detective Chief Inspector Robert Taylor, Staffordshire Police


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  1. Appreciate the advice, but the real problem here is the scrappers who accept the catalytic converters. There needs to be a recognised document created that’s completed by authorised garages that remove cats. This is then required by the scrappers to accept them. Also, marking tools etc isn’t going to stop anyone, they’ll be sold at car boots and even if it’s glowing bright green with a flashing light saying it’s been stolen the buyer picking up a tool for a fraction of the price won’t care. The only solution here is to remove all tools from vans at every opportunity, fit large locks and alarms, guard dogs, CCTV monitoring inside the van, GPS tracking.

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