A map of the area Burntwood Action Group says is "under threat"

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A public meeting has been called to discuss plans to remove an area of Burntwood from land designated as Green Belt.

Campaigners from Burntwood Action Group say the proposals for the farmland bordered by Coulter Lane, Nether Lane, Rugeley Road and Church Road would put the site “under threat” of development.

Representatives from Lichfield District Council and Burntwood Town Council will be in attendance at the meeting on 10th January.

A spokesperson for Burntwood Action Group said:

“A large area of farmland is under threat from Lichfield District Council planners who are proposing to remove it from the Green Belt.

“This is in addition to other areas of land around Burntwood, which are also being proposed as not important to the Green Belt.

“To ensure residents are fully aware of the threat, we have organised this public meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend.”

Burntwood Action Group spokesperson

Removing the land from Green Belt status would mean the land could be more easily developed for housing and other uses.

The meeting will be held at St Matthews Sports and Social Club, starting at 7.30pm.


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12 replies on “Campaign group calls public meeting over plans to remove Burntwood farmland from Green Belt”

  1. Brilliant news, if people really wanted to “save the green belt” then no houses should have been built there. You can’t permit one estate and then have those residents try and block others, it is simply hypocritical!

  2. We have a health centre operating out of crumbling portable buildings in the car park of Burntwood Leisure Centre and still no movement on several other projects in our town. I have to book well in advance to be I’ll as my doctor is never readily available. Sure, development is expected, but we’re given no improvement in terms of infrastructure at all.

  3. The campaigners really need to contact the local MP. Before Christmas he tweeted about how passionate we was about protecting the remaining green belt from development. Thd tweet was in support of his close chum, the Mayor if Birmingham, who said one of his key aims for 2020 was protecting the existing green belt. With 2 such influential Tory politicians backing them thr campaigners are sure to be successful. But they must contact Mr Fabricant via the proper channels obviously, otherwise he won’t be happy to be help.

  4. Ridiculous absolutely ridiculous. We moved away from Birmingham 38yrs ago to get away from busy places. Why does everything have to be so intent on building on green belt. There are so many brown sites around which would be so much more attractive with houses built on them. Please give a thought to the countryside!!!! Alot of people moved here for the peacefulness and beauty of the surroundings. There are so many houses for sale evidently no reason for anymore!!!!

  5. The proposal to build on what little is left of Burntwood’s Green Belt is an act of vandalism. It is madness. The infrastructure is completely unable to cope. That has already been accepted once, and nothing has changed. A great deal of building new homes is already going on in Burntwood – on the former munitions dump, for example. Use brownfield sites. At a time when care of the environment is recognised as being vital for our planet, do not take away what little green land we have.

  6. OK increase the housing no mention of services, ie: Health Centers, Schools, update of the access to these areas. The roads are not adequate. Why are we not looking at brown field sites

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