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Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP says the US had showed considerable restraint” before launching the attack which sparked fears of conflict in the Middle East.

The death of military commander Qasem Soleimani in an American strike, led to retaliatory attacks by Iran overnight on US bases in Iraq.

Mr Fabricant spoke in the House of Commons about the tensions between the United States and Iran before the latest escalation.

Michael Fabricant speaking on Iran in the House of Commons

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Mr Fabricant – who has criticised Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s stance – said after the debate in Westminster that the Iranians had forced America to act.

“I have been sickened by the anti-American bile and pro-Iranian propaganda spouted by Jeremy Corbyn and some other Labour MPs.

“The United States showed considerable restraint when since October last year there have been 14 separate attacks on the British and American compound in Baghdad by Iran and its proxies.

“General Soleimani who was one of the instigators of this has blood on his hands as he was one of those responsible for the murder of thousands of Iranians, Iraquis, Yemenites, Lebanese and Syrians.

“It is Iran’s regime that we should condemn – not the United States.”

Michael Fabricant MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

7 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood MP says US showed "considerable restraint" ahead of strike on Iranian general”

  1. Soleimani may be the baddest of the bad, daily may he stamp on kittens and worse, that doesn’t change the fact that unilateral action by the United States affects peace in the Middle East, it places Westerners in danger and Fabricant’s comment are typically naive.

  2. Of course Trump’s decision to withdrawn from the Iranian Nuclear Deal in 2015 had nothing to do with this latter development I suppose. Cause and effect? Effects and consequences? Action and reaction? Doesn’t take an A level to spell it out.

  3. Megan / Darryl…… The missile attack on the 737 was a direct consequence of the assassination. Not intended, but that is of no consequence to the 276 dead and the thousands affected. Simplistic I know but nothing happens in isolation. Strangely, and sadly, this somehow has taken the heat out of the situation, but it would be naive to think it might be the end. Many more, both innocent and culpable, will suffer in the wake of that senseless political act.

  4. Philip yes so sad for those who have lost their lives, for their families and loved ones. I have to wonder whether Trump ever considers the much wider far and long ranging consequences of his senseless actions or whether it really matters to him. How his actions can have effects upon the wider population. We can only hope it is the end of the matter but like you I think that is a rather naive hope.

  5. All those clever people on twitter proclaiming that Trump’s decision had united all Iranian factions like never before have gone very quiet.

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