Former telephone boxes are set to house defibrillators in Burntwood.

Proposals to adopt redundant booths in the Morley Road Shopping Centre, Oakdene Road and Fernleigh Avenue will be discussed at a meeting of Burntwood Town Council’s policy and resources committee on 16th January.

A number of former BT locations have been repurposed to house the life-saving equipment across the country.

If the proposal is approved it would continue the growth in the number of defibrillators across the town.

Cllr Darren Ennis – who previously ran the London Marathon to raise money to purchase one of the devices – said:

“This is the second batch of phone boxes offered to Burntwood Town Council and again we have jumped at the chance.

“Sometimes its hard to find places to put defibrillators because the cabinets require power to make sure there is light and heat to prevent them becoming damaged in cold weather. A phone box gives all these features.

“We’ve already managed to take some on including the amazing red telephone box on Ogley Hay Road which we restored. It now looks amazing and offers a great life-saving facility to the local community.

“This new batch gives us chance to house more defibrillators in areas that are central to the community and local businesses.”

Cllr Darren Ennis, Burntwood Town Council


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8 replies on “Former telephone boxes in Burntwood could be used to house defibrillators”

  1. Great idea. While you’re discussing phone boxes .Could you Try And Get Bus services in Hammerwich and surrounding areas please SP

  2. Happy to help with the project if needed, we are the main partner of BT and work closely with them and communities to place defibs in telephone boxes as well as covering all governance and liability.

  3. Including the Bolt Court alleyway shopping centre Lichfield has 4 red telephone boxes and now that we’re living in a digital mobile era not to mention the fact that red telephone boxes these days are grade II listed buildings then as part of this new Lichfield City Centre Masterplan why not also think of a way to revive and safeguard the future of Lichfield City’s last 4 remaining red phone boxes.

  4. Definitely needed on every street corner in Lichfield. With every scrap of spare land being used for retirement apartments the mean average age is going to increase to 90.

  5. Those nostalgic days when a few pennies would give you an important contact. Or waiting outside in the rain while an interminable conversation was taking place. What now? A population with a slab next to their ear and the never ending enquiry “Where are you now”?
    I suppose, in time, we will all have a chip in our ear lobe. A combined communication network and state identification and location contact. What a ‘Brave New World’ that will be. For me the only means of communication I needed was the old red phone box and the anonymity it afforded me if I was so minded.

  6. Until 1990 I travelled for a company on the South Coast the only way my manager knew where I was is if I found a telephone box and phoned in. Now a rep is at his masters beck and call at any time. Better or worse ?

  7. Mike, by the popularity of mobile phones it is obvious I am a Luddite. Strangely I have managed with maps and the odd call home via BT. The most difficult navigation I find these days is on the pavement trying to avoid transfixed phone users. Technology is good (after all I use it for this) but it does have its pitfalls, as you describe. And with the insidious uses the likes of Amazon and Google (amongst many others) have found for them, I think it is fair to say your life is no longer your own.

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