Work to improve land left vacant by the failed Friarsgate development in Lichfield has begun.

Lichfield District Council has appointed The Coleman Group to carry out the short-term works on the renamed Birmingham Road Site.

The project includes demolishing the former police station and bus station buildings, creating extra coach parking, refreshing the bus station, installing temporary toilets, landscaping the area and moving the bus station long-stay car park.   

Cllr Iain Eadie, Cabinet member for investment, economic growth and tourism, said the work would make the area safer, more useful and attractive, and provide a better route into the city from the train and bus stations.

Albert Bouncer from The Coleman Group outside the former police station with Lichfield District Council representatives Craig Jordan, Cllr Iain Eadie and Stephen Stray

“It is really fantastic to see the work starting to bring down the old police station, clean up and open out the site, and visitor coach parking and a renewed bus station being delivered. 

“It often takes time for decisions in the council to turn into action. Now that the work is starting we are hoping to see it completed by the spring.

“As things are moved around in the bus station there will be some short-term disruption while the works take place. The bus station car park will be closed for a number of weeks, but there is plenty of space in nearby car parks.  

“I know from the people who have contacted me, it is important to make sure toilets are available for bus and coach travellers and these will be available throughout the works and afterwards.

“I hope the works will make the bus station and route into the city centre a much nicer place for everyone coming into Lichfield.

I also hope that it will present a welcoming place for anyone coming to visit Lichfield and that the displays on the hoardings will encourage the day visitors to come back again, as they are intended to highlight what else we have to offer in our district.”

Cllr Iain Eadie, Lichfield District Council

“The opportunity to shape how our city centre will work”

The council says the work will also help prepare for long-term development of the city.

The local authority has gone back to the drawing board after the Friarsgate redevelopment failed to materialise after more than a decade in the planning.

A consultation is running until 3rd February for residents to give their views on a new draft city centre masterplan.

The document has recommended the creation of distinct quarters, while also calling for the city to retain its historic character.

As well as the consultation, two drop-in information sessions are also taking place at Lichfield Library from 9am to 5pm on 17th January and 9am to 4pm on 18th January.

Cllr Eadie added:

“I would ask everyone to get involved with the consultation.

“If you can’t make the drop-in events then please let us know your views online

“The draft masterplan includes some ideas that I am sure people will have an opinion on.

“We want to hear what everyone thinks, as this the opportunity to shape how our city centre will work and what it will look like for the future.”

Cllr Iain Eadie, Lichfield District Council

For more details on the masterplan visit


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10 replies on “Short-term improvement works begin on land in Lichfield earmarked for failed Friarsgate scheme”

  1. To paraphrase our famous lexicographor, “Our expectations will be a triumph of hope over experience”. This was for second marriages, but it works for Friarsgate too.

  2. I see it’s the tourists that are the main focus here.
    Don’t worry about the people that live in Lichfield and and the surrounding areas who have a shortage of leisure activities and have to drive on poorly surfaced roads they’re only the ones paying for it.
    Good idea Scribbler more luxury retirement complexes are definitely what we need more of.

  3. Firstly how about revealing how much money the council wasted on friars gate and somebody taking responsibility for it
    How can Tamworth manage to get investment for development but Lichfield cannot. The problem we have in Lichfield is a very poor council that is letting people down over and over
    It is a disgrace nobody has been held responsible for wasting our money
    Secondly we need shopping facilities not more retirement homes

  4. Take note, I am talking about the Boomer Generation here of which I am one though not a ‘luxury’ dweller. Looking ahead, it seems that the ‘luxury retirement’ homes once the ‘luxury generation of Boomers’ have left this earthly paradise, will obviously become homes for wealthy second, third or even fourth home owners (think London) who may want or need somewhere to let out (think Airbnb) or even have as somewhere to stay while travelling up and down the country looking after their ‘interests’. And so after we, the ‘Boomers’, have passed over to the other side ha!, obviously there will be a preponderance of ‘Luxury’ dwellings. So who will be able to afford them? Not the young ones that’s for sure, and it’s not that many more years now until ‘we Boomers’ are all gone. It seems with the numerous ‘not luxury housing’ now being built in and around Lichfield, that this beautiful City will become a mere satellite town for Birmingham. A relationship that already exists between Lichfield and Birmingham perhaps. Mmmmmm. Call me a cynic if you want but me I’m pragmatic. .

  5. Wouldn’t mind if Ross posted my further comment here. The one I sent this morning. Otherwise I might think I am being treated unfairly lol

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